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I was thinking about it a lot – How Do I make money from this blog? Am I giving enough value to my readers or it is just another blog?

I thought and tried running ads – but it became a hurdle to all of my readers. They were taking space on the content page and were looking ugly. For the same reason, I avoid adding images in my articles – because I just want to keep them text rich. No other distractions.

Now, This blog and helping you people is not my full-time job. I am a freelance cinematographer and soon to be a nutritionist. Researching things, Reading relevant books and studies and then writing on same takes up a good amount of time. And it will be a cliche of me if I ask you to pay me upfront to access my content – after all, I am not selling those pdf courses here.

So I am leaving on you guys. My readers. If my content is helping you in any way or helped you in past – You can support me by donating amount as per your wish. Whatever the denomination is – It will help me these ways:

  • I will be able to access more courses, books and research material through that money.
  • I will be able to hire good editors to make the language of this blog more efficient and read worthy.
  • I will be able to invite guests (articles or interviews) on my blog.
  • It will motivate me to write more and with consistency.

Every penny will come back to you in some form or the another (Read: Value)

Here is the Paytm link. You can scan it in your Paytm app. Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 5.39.43 PM.png

Or You can UPI as well at : chiragbarjatya@ybl

A Big Thank You!


You can always DM me or Email me or Leave a comment on my posts for my guidance. 

33 thoughts on “Support Me!

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  7. Rahul Giri

    Run ads and make money that you deserve. No need to ask for anybody”s permission. You’ve given more than enough through your content. As a reader I wouldn’t mind seeing 2/3 ads while reading your blog. I always love to read your blogs.
    P.S. Check your Paytm 😉 It’s not much but I believe in “Something is better than nothing”.


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