My Personal Fashion and Grooming Advice to Boys turning into Men!

Fashion flaws are common when it comes to ‘We Indian Men’. We are always confused between whom to follow? – Hollywood celebs, Bollywood celebs, Skinny CK models or Boring H&M models. I have a few tips which can help you to find a common ground between all to experiment with your own dressing style and grooming.

  • Starting with the face, do not ever keep a unibrow. You are now an adult and they are called eyebrows for a reason, plural. If you got a unibrow, go to the nearby barber and ask him to make two.
  • Learn how to brush your teeth properly. Chew at least a gum daily (but remember to dispose of it in a dustbin). It will help to keep your face in shape. Visit the Dentist every six months.
  • Beard is good. Grow one. They are the shortcut to define your jawline. But take care of it daily, by removing extra hair and by applying argan oil (beard oils are a scam). You should look fresh all the time.
  • Your haircut should be according to your face shape. Use this guide to understand more.
  • Do you have a trimmer at home? If not, buy one. This one is good-. . Now use this to clean your body hair from time to time. Gone are those days when Anil Kapoor body hair was attractive. Now, people like it clean. (and it helps in maintaining body odour also) Your hookups will be thanking you and you can thank me later. (Note: Especially underarms)
  • Use roll on and then apply deodorant and perfume. People generally avoid roll-ons and after some time it becomes difficult for the people around them.
  • Get fit. If you want to look good in your T-shirt or Shirt, Lose that fat and gain some muscles.
  • Always buy fitted clothes. Do not buy one size extra. You are not a kid anymore.
  • Whenever you get the urge to copy a fashion style of a celeb, first notice how his physique is. If he is muscular and you are not, you will look bad in the same clothes. or haircut or beard style, Hence, get in shape if you really want to look good in every kind of clothing
  • Also, when you are in shape, even cheap clothes fit you very well. Shortcut to save money.
  • Always try to match the colour of your shoes and belt.
  • Never go out in slippers.
  • Try to avoid torn jeans in public. They look good only in pictures.
  • Plain T-shirts, please wear Plain T-shirts. Stop wearing those cartoon network stuff. They are only good in pictures.
  • Wear loud colour stuff like red shoes or a bright yellow shirt or white jeans, etc only when you are confident enough to carry them. Such stuff gains the attention of people and if you are not confident, all the attention will go on your insecurities.


That’s all for now. Do share your tips with me.


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