The Monk-Mode Guide!

Life is an ongoing war. The war which consists of many battles like relationships, self-improvement, family, fitness, career and social life. You struggle every day. Sometimes win and sometimes you lose. But these battles are constant and you must always be mentally prepared to fight them.

What is a Monk Mode?

Monk mode is a time period of certain days when you live your life almost like a monk. It helps you to:

  • rewire your thinking about ongoing things in life. (It could be good or bad)
  • to rationalize your thought process
  • to introspect yourself
  • to rehab yourself from constant dopamine spike
  • to learn gratitude towards the life and things around you
  • to learn the importance of hardships
  • to test your limits
  • to become mentally strong
  • to clear mental fog
  • to find a way forward in life
  • to embrace peace and solitude
  • to learn to be happy within yourself.

Keep reading if you are interested in above-mentioned points. I will teach you how to follow monk mode and how to come out of monk mode effectively for the greater good.


Step: 1 – Introspect your self and your life. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • is your life going on point as you wanted it to be 2 years back?
  • are you satisfied or at peace with the present situation in your life?
  • do you feel motivated enough to go to work daily, to hit the gym or to perform other activities
  • people who are close to you (you parents, partner, friends, etc) are happy with your behaviour?
  • are you feeling worthy
  • are you having suicidal thoughts?
  • are you out of shape (physically or/and mentally)

If the majority of answers are in the negative direction, you can give Monk-Mode a try.


Step: 2 – Write down your problems, weaknesses and flaws

After introspecting yourself, I want you to write down everything you are facing right now in your life, on a paper. Write down the problems you are facing. Do not be egotistical when it comes to writing down your weaknesses, face them. Write down your flaws. Write down everything. This step is a part of introspection only but writing it down is a form of showing yourself a mirror. This step might make you more depressed or fill you with the feeling of unworthiness, but in the back of your mind keep this though alive “It is the part of the process


Step: 3 – Isolate yourself

This is where the first day of the regime starts. I want you to isolate yourself from the world. Try to isolate yourself from:

  • Social media world. Completely. No touch
  • From your friends and partner (if possible)
  • From Parents (tell them you need some time alone, you can try).
  • Take leave from office for maximum days if possible
  • Hit gym when it’s empty
  • Avoid talking to people until it is absolutely required.
  • No newspaper or news.
  • No Music of any kind.
  • Abstain from having sex or similar activity.

Do not force and fight with your close ones when it comes to isolation. Just tell them you need some time alone and work around how much they allow.

In this step, I personally advise people to shave their head to minimum hair and stop shaving face. Let that beard grow.


Step: 4 – Self-improvement

Now the real work on yourself starts. From Day 1 include these things in your daily routine:

  • Wake up before sunrise. How? I don’t know. But you must.
  • Sit for meditation at least for 30 minutes upon waking up.
  • Go for 5 km run or jog or walk. No cellphone.
  • Eat according to your diet. To calculate if you should be under deficit or surplus, install Fittr app.
  • Read a book. I would suggest – The Meditations, Bhagwad Geeta, The Prince and An autobiography of a Yogi. You can start all these books simultaneously, divide your time accordingly.
  • Clean your house/room daily. Everything should be in order around you.
  • Do your laundry.
  • Learn a new language/musical instrument or some sport.
  • Write an article, could be on any topic, any thought or advice.
  • Hit Gym.
  • Cold Shower.
  • Sleep on the floor.
  • Whenever you have extra time left, solve Sudoku puzzle or meditate again.

These steps will make you realize your worth. Learning new things will open new sectors in your brain, forcing yourself for things like long hours of meditation and sleeping on the floor will help you to reverse engineer about your own existence. Hitting the gym and following a diet will improve your health and looks. Writing an article daily will improve your thought process.

Now it also depends on how much you can include these in your daily life. It is not possible for everyone to take leave from office or to quit cellphone use completely. The points I mentioned are extremes. Try to include as much as you can.


Step: 5 – Breaking the Monk Mode regime

I personally suggest people follow the monk-mode process for 30 days. You can do it for 10 days. Whatever works for you. During the process, the day you feel like not touching your cellphone anymore, or you feel at peace. Add 3 days more to it and then you can break it slowly. How?

  • Shave your beard or fix it.
  • Call your Mom and Dad. Talk to them.
  • Install social media apps as per your ‘must’ requirement. You can add more slowly each day.
  • Keep continuing with your new language lessons, gym, diet. You will be busy enough to not to give heed to any time or dopamine wasting activities.
  • Start meeting friends and other people slowly. Isolation for a longer period is dangerous. You are a social animal. Act like one.


That’s it. You will be stronger, smarter and sharper after following the Monk-Mode process.


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