Coming directly to the problem which is – Everyone is smoking cigarettes (or maybe weed) around us all the time. Open any Netflix series – characters are smoking. Visit any chai tapri – People are smoking. Visit any college – Kids are smoking. Visit any office – employees are smoking. Everyone is smoking and at the same time, most of them want to quit this one of the widely accepted unhealthy habits. How? Let’s discuss.

The thing about ‘addiction’ is that people know they are addicted to the stuff but can’t really give up that thing until and unless it causes some major setback in their life. For example, if you are an addict to your cellphone, you will definitely curb the use if you meet an accident because of texting and driving. Or if you are an addict of junk, you would definitely quit it once you experience the heart attack (or similar problem). In the case of smoking, some of my followers said – they quit it after experiencing excessive nose bleeding or coughing or migraines, etc.

But again, in the case of smoking, the smoke harms your lungs slowly (the tar thing which we see in ads) and the nicotine content harms your brain. Apparently, nicotine acts as a nootropic. It enhances your brain skills and thinking abilities, but by constantly providing nicotine to your brain through smoking, you fuck the threshold of it and you crave more and more cigarettes (nicotine) to clear that ‘mental fog’ and ‘to think’. It acts like any other drug. Be it cocaine, or heroin or porn. All increases with the time – till the time you decide to stop the usage completely. Some people quit it easily, some take time. I am giving you some practical tips to follow to quit smoking.

  • The first tip, obviously, find the cause or trigger of your smoking habit. Is it because of your friends, or is it because you feel bloated in the morning. Is it because it calms you down when you are angry or is it because it makes you happy and energetic. There is a solution to everything, like eating more fibres and apple cider vinegar can reduce your bloating, changing your group of friends can stop the trigger part. All solutions are there on Google, you just have to acknowledge your addiction and find the solution or workaround for that trigger. But if you smoke for fun or you are not ready to accept your addiction or if you are smoking to harm yourself (because maybe your Bollywood lover left you) then no one can help you. The first step of any bad habit is to help yourself.
  • Check the financial aspect of smoking cigarette. For example, if you smoke 3 cigs per day it comes to around 48rs and in a month it becomes 1,440 Rs. Adding the cost of chewing gums and tea you have with it, the cost goes around 2000 Rs. easily. Saving this much amount and investing into SIPs/Mutual Funds can actually give you better results or running Instagram ads for this amount can really boost your profile and you will gain good followers. All about thinking rationally and with a good perspective of returns.
  • Practice Meditation to have control over your urges. I have told this several times, saying it again, meditation can really improve your control over things and addictions. If you don’t know how to Meditate, join my facebook group Mindfulness.  If you cannot meditate, at least practice deep breathing for 3 minutes because scientifically you get the urge to smoke for 3 minutes after that it goes away. Control yourself just for 3 minutes.
  • Use Gum or Eat something whenever you get the urge to smoke. This thing works. Eating things every time might increase your total calorie intake, but that’s okay. You can reduce your fat later.
  • Start with a target of one day, like tomorrow for a day you won’t touch a cigarette. If it goes well, add another day. Then another. This style can help you as well. Start tomorrow.
  • Stop romanticizing cigarette smoking with love poetry, heartbreaks and similar things which you learnt from Bollywood or some random quote on the internet. There is no pain behind a smoker. They are just seeking attention or sympathy.
  • Go cold turkey. Are you alpha enough to go full cold turkey on your habit? If yes, go for this. Do not listen to weak beta people who advise that one should quit smoking slowly and with the time. Nope. Go full cold. Wake up tomorrow and do not touch the shit again.

Why I am telling you all this? Because there was a period when I was burning 10 a day. And then one day I woke up – told myself what the fuck I am doing with my life and I stopped. When you shift your mind from ‘I am a slave to things’ to “Nothing can make me slave, I am superior to everything” life starts changing.


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3 thoughts on “How to QUIT SMOKING!

  1. Rohit

    What if i smoke when i am bored? When i don’t have anything to do in office? When i am sitting at home watching TV?
    I don’t smoke for hours if i am busy, but i smoke every hour if i don’t have anything to do.
    The solution to this is not “Keep yourself busy”, you have any other suggestions?


    1. Hi Rohit! Thanks for your comment.

      So first ask yourself, why are you “free”. A person shouldn’t be free as such. Are you just lying around after work? Then find a book and tell everyone on social media that you will finish it.
      Or install such apps which keep you indulge in them like Duolingo or sudoku.

      This “free” nature has to break. You should be busy in things all the time.


  2. Rohit

    What if i smoke when i am bored? When i don’t have anything to do in office? When i am sitting at home watching TV?
    I don’t smoke for hours if i am busy, but i smoke every hour if i don’t have anything to do.
    The solution to this is not “Keep yourself busy”, you have any other suggestions?


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