How NOT to be a Blogger!

There is a major crunch happening in the field of ‘Instagram’ influencers. They are losing their value and the word ‘influencer’ is creating more trouble for them. This is happening because very few influencers actually produce content, rest of them are just posting cute and dog filter selfies on their Instagram and other social media profiles. Now, what happened, these people got a large number of followers (mostly beta males who are hungry af for sex) and the ‘influencers’ thought they are legit influencing people. Their only content was cute dog filter selfies and party/drinking alcohol or hookah pics and sometimes ass to ass dance videos. After getting a large amount of beta male followers, they registered themselves as a blogger. And they thought they will be able to sell things to this community of theirs (community of beta males). Brands didn’t realize this and they paid a good amount of money to these so-called ‘influencers’ to promote their product. These influencer and now so-called bloggers reached to seventh heaven. They started promoting more and more products. But their audience was full of beta males who were just there to see their cute selfies not to buy any recommended products. Brands realized this. They stopped paying them. Still, they think themselves as a blogger or influencer but are they really?

Here are my few tips on How NOT to be a blogger! (or an Instagram influencer)

  • Do not become a blogger if you cannot bring value to your reader in some or the other way like I mentioned above, cute dog selfie might get you followers, but are you really providing any value to them? If the answer is no, do not jump into the blogging thing.
  • Do not become a blogger just because you saw someone doing well in this business. This goes for every kind of ‘passion’. Do not become passionate about something just because you saw someone else doing it. You won’t be able to go far.
  • Do not become a blogger if you can’t tell stories or write stories. Writing is the most important skill when it comes to blogging. You can obviously learn it, but there is no point doing it if you have no idea of how to join two sentences.
  • Do not become a blogger if you want to do this for money. This ain’t some sure shot business strategy or lottery system. It takes a lot of hard work and research. You will be tired in a day.
  • Do not become a blogger if you cannot respect the demands of your audience. When you are generating valuable content, it becomes your responsibility to help people who come with unique doubts. If you don’t have the patience of handling such doubts, do not consider becoming a blogger.
  • Do not become a blogger if consistency and discipline don’t come to you naturally. There is a saturation of content in the market, and if you are not regular with your blogs or content, the algorithm will fuck you left, right and centre. You will be disheartened very soon.
  • Do not become a blogger if you are planning to sell products, not tested on yourself, to your audience. Several brands will approach you asking to promote their product with lucrative offers, if you don’t have the patience to try and test the product on yourself first, do not consider this blogging as your thing.
  • Do not become a blogger if you think it is some kind of cool thing or if you are trying to prove someone.


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