How I fixed my Acne and How you can too!

First, check my old full of acne pic. At your own risk.


Now read how I did this

The Dark Period:

2016 was difficult for me. Back pain issues, kind of depressing mood 24/7 because of yoyo career and few more stuff. And then to feel good, I clicked a selfie. Selfie was fine, but I noticed too many acne on my forehead, cheeks and lips. I was ignoring them for long. But as usual, when something starts obstructing your selfies, you get super conscious about them.

I had to no idea why it was happening. I went to the nearby medical shop and asked him to give me some pimple/acne cure. He gave me some cream worth 120rs and asked me to apply it daily. I did for good 10 days, nothing happened, in fact, I saw a few more acne popping up on my skin. I tried neem face wash, Multani mitti, different face packs and what not but nothing helped. Friends started teasing me with “Garmi nikal rahi hai”.

I gave up and decided to see a dermatologist. She checked me for good 30 minutes told me it is happening due to some bacteria infection on my skin and gave me 4 different types of cream and one foaming face wash – total cost 1600inr. I tried those again for 15-18 days, didn’t help. I went to her again and she said “You will have to go for chemical (salicylic) peeling” I agreed but when she told me the cost of per sitting (5500inr) – I said, I will let you know. And ran back to home and I cried. I was already suffering from many issues including self-image, and this came as an addition. Now I had two option: – Either to accept the way I am as a full internet social justice warrior or keep trying even If I am failing again and again.

I believe in ‘keep trying’ stuff and decided to do my own research. I went to google and came across skincare Reddit thread. Many people suggested there to take Accutane. Without consulting any professional, I started consuming it. Accutane fucked my eyesight, back pain increased, dry lips, and severe headache. And these were common symptoms (as per Reddit) when you consume Accutane. It did cure my 2-3 acne but affected my overall health. I lost a good amount of muscle mass and was low energetic all the time.

I stopped having Accutane and switched to Homeopathy. Someone suggested me to consume and apply berberis aquofolium, again didn’t help. I tried different type of ayurvedic juices as well.  I was in so stress that I started consuming junk, sugar, coke and alcohol with smokes. This routine went for good 30-40 days and then I decided that’s it. Let’s reverse engineer everything.

This is what I did to become this much clean. Posting recent pic:


  • I cut down all the sugar from my diet. I ate only complex or slow carbs to avoid any kind of insulin spike (it might cause pimples). I stopped having junk, coke, alcohol and smokes at all. I was determined about this.
  • I added more greens in my diet. Spinach and broccoli, around 200gms daily. With this, I supplemented myself with Isabgol (psyllium husk) as well. It helped me to keep my digestion on point and stomach clean.
  • I started having lots and lots of water. Around 5-7 litres every day. Yes, initially I was spending most of the time in the washroom but gradually my bladder understood my ‘zidd’ and it started controlling it more. Your body adapts your habits very quickly.
  • I added this magical vitamin E capsule in my daily routine – Evion 400. It helped me a lot. I know fixing my diet helped me, but this thing helped me to achieve a clear face by around 60%.
  • I applied argan oil daily before bed. Again, a vitamin E rich stuff.
  • I changed my pillow cover every two days – Read a lot about this habit online. It accumulates lots of bacteria and dead skin overnight which might cause acne. If you don’t have pillow covers, use your t-shirt.
  • I started having Apple Cider Vinegar daily in the morning. – You can read benefits here:
  • And I started meditation daily to handle my stress and depressing mood.

So this is all that I did. I still got a few marks of acne. For that I will have to go for some outer treatment. But trust me, all your pimple and acne issues are because of your internal health. You are what you consume and how you consume. It took me around 40 days to get clear skin like before. I still follow some of these things because I just cannot imagine going to back to that kind of face. I know some of you have accepted your acne and pimples, but again, we are a homo sapiens, we never accept things, and that is why we are here today. Clear skin and good health is an indication of your overall health and lifestyle habits.


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