Instagram and Insecurities.

Someone on twitter posted this:

Instagram is legit depressing. I mean it’s always nice to see people happy and upbeat and gleeful and enjoying the festival season, but IDK why, I end up comparing and feeling miserable.

And this tweet got many RTs, which made me think is Instagram really depressing? I ran a few polls on Instagram and Twitter and came to know that people really dwell by seeing other people’s lives and things on social media, especially Instagram. If you also feel the same, then only read ahead, else you can skip this article.

Why do we compare?

Acknowledge this: Jealousy and Comparison is a basic human tendency and every human ‘suffer’ from this. You are not alone in this. We compare ourselves with other people because we live in a hierarchal society where we fight for positions (direct or indirect) to lead. Sometimes we lead our family, sometimes a small society, sometimes a firm or sometimes just a group of friends. We all have the hunger to be on the highest position in this hierarchy. And in this fight, instead of fair battle, we end up dwelling about things which are not in our hands.

There are many cases around you (go observe) where a person is severely depressed because of social media. He has stopped using social media altogether. You will find him saying “Social media doesn’t work”, “Real life is the real thing”, etc with many other excuses, but the truth is, he is not able to face and analyze other people’s life. Why is this happening? Social media was meant to instantly connect with other people, why this “tool” is making a person depressed?

Okay, now you have read (seen) the mirror. The question arises, Oh Chirag, then how you use this?

I use Instagram as a tool. Period. 

This app, Instagram is a branding tool nothing else. Few people are branding themselves by showing fake happiness or fake expensive stuff or by buying fake followers because they want to play the short-term game. Some people are playing the long-term game, they care about authenticity. They believe in the process. They post out of shape picture today so that tomorrow they can motivate you by posting a transformed one.

I use this app, this platform to brand myself. I brand my writing (just like this article), or sometimes my shoots (as cinematographer). If you are a dancer, painter, IT guy with skills or a doctor, you can brand too.

I use a business account. I promote my content full stories so that it reaches you guys just like this article. I count every like on my post. I visit the profile of other people. I comment on their pictures, I give them a like, I appreciate things they are posting on their stories, I count my reach again. I then do polling. I collect data. I spend 30-50minute every day on this app so that I can provide value to each one of my followers.

I skip my Starbucks coffee so that I can spend those 250 bucks on Instagram ads. I use this app like a damn screwdriver, like a tool, which helps me to solve my things.

“But Chirag, I still don’t see a way of using this app productively”

Then start helping people. Start providing value to people. Expect nothing in return. Give and Give more. You are good at coding? Put a story of how to code. Promote it and target college student.

You are good at gossips about Bollywood? Make a story highlight, promote it. Call up industry people, make them your sources.

You are good at pani puri tasting? Make a page of pani puri stall review. Promote it among girls (well I also love pani puri), target your city people.

You think you are good at taking selfies? Make a story about teaching people how to take a selfie. How to select better light, which filters suits which skin type.

Your dog thinks you are the best dog owner ever? Make a page about dog care and start teaching people on how to groom a pup.

Disha patni is doing CK ad because she is good at it. Dan Bilzerian is showing off his girls because he is good at it. What are you good at? Do that. Do not focus on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths.

Instagram ads start at Rs 40/-.

Yes, just 40 bucks. You spend more than 1000 bucks in a nonsensical party to record a video to be posted as the story which people would skip because no one really gives a fuck about how you drunk dance in such parties.

Understand this: Instagram is not depressing. It is your own insecurities which makes it depressing for you. The only way to be less or not insecure is to develop your own skills and knowledge.

You got skills. You have knowledge. It is just people don’t know about them. What is the solution? Tell them. Put stories. Put posts. Comment on other people’s pictures. Ask them if they need any help (related to your talent). And once you get busy in providing value, all your insecurities will die. You will be depression free and you will really start enjoying this platform as I do. People want to learn stuff on social media instead of scrolling through happy faces.

Still confused about how to use it? Hit me up in comments or DMs or email. I will help you for free.

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