Online Personal Coaching


Thanks for considering me for your diet and workout planning. As a certified Nutrition Coach, I will try my best to draft your Diet and Workout plan as per your present food habits and activity levels, so that it will be easy for you to adhere to the plan for next 12/16/24 weeks.

Before we start, First you should know what all I provide in 12/16/24 week of online coaching.

  • Google Calendar reminder for weekly check-ins.
  • I will be sending you revised plans every week as per your progress and adaption to the diet of the previous week.
  • Basics of Nutrition knowledge which will help you to sustain good health and gains after 12 weeks.
  • Veg/Non-Veg/Egg diet/Vegan as per your preference
  • You can call me on weekends to discuss difficulties you are facing in the preparation of food or could be just the demotivation to follow the diet.
  • You can WhatsApp me anytime between 10-8pm for quick doubts.

What I need from your side:

  • Weekly pictures and necessary body measurements
  • Workout videos, if you can record so that I can check your form
  • Discipline

The cost of my 12-week coaching program is 6999/- INR, (choose this package if your target is to lose only 8-10kg or gain 4-5kg)

the 16-week program is for 8500 INR (choose this package if your target is to lose 10-15kg or gain 6-8kg)

The 24-week program, it is 11000/- INR.

The couple package is for 12,000 INR for 12 weeks.

The couple package is for 20,000 INR for 24 weeks.

If you are okay with the pricing, please go ahead and fill this form: Diet history Form

Rest details I will be sending you on your email.

Please proceed payment ONLY when I email you the invoice.


That’s about it. If you got any feedback on this, please feel free to DM/email me anytime.


Attaching my certification for authenticity purpose. (I use ‘Jain’ as my last name in official documents). Certified from INFS.CO.IN


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