My ongoing Journey to Minimalism.

Someone DMed me on my Instagram today asking – ‘Bro why most of your pictures are in the same grey t-shirt and why most of the post-workout selfies are in that blue vest? I am noticing it for a year now. Don’t you buy new clothes?”

I smiled, looking at my phone and told him to read this article tonight.

Let’s first understand what Minimalism is – It is the mode of lifestyle in which you only possess those things which you ‘REALLY’ need. This term is majorly related to architecture and arts where people design and craft things in a much more sober and straightforward way. No extravaganza stuff. By the end of this article, you will understand this more.

I am on a journey to apply maximum minimalism in my lifestyle, in my relationships and in my inner self. I started this journey unknowingly, and now I am hooked to such a lifestyle. Let me discuss a few points which I apply in my day to day life for your better understanding.

  • I only buy clothes or shoes when it is absolutely necessary. Like for example – If my t-shirt or vest or gym lower is working fine for two years, I won’t buy a new one. I will buy only when the cloth or shoe gets torn or something like that. Presently I have 4 T-shirts which I keep rotating every other day, and I do my laundry on time, so no one ever complained to me about lousy hygiene or something similar. I don’t buy sports shoes because I feel it is better to workout naked feet. Last time I did actual shopping was January 2017.
  • Same with my food. I majorly eat – Eggs, Rice, Butter, Coconut Oil, Curd, Spinach, Tomatoes, Green Chillies, Lemon, Broccoli, Soya Chunks, Tea, Coffee, Whey, Creatine and Buffalo Milk. These foods are in my daily routine. If I want to cheat in a week, I eat Pani Puri, that too under my macros. I do not feed extra calories to my body by eating junk or by going out every weekend. I asked my maid to stop cooking food for me because she was making the food tastier by adding extra butter or cream to it, and whenever things get delicious or comfortable, I start feeling anxious. It has been more than a year I had a Maggi or Chola bhatura or something that junk.
  • For my own hygiene, I use the same one kind of lotion, argan oil and deodorant until they get over.
  • I haven’t been on a what you people called ‘real vacation,’ in fact, it has been 7 months since I bought a car, I haven’t been to a long drive, even once.

Why I am telling you all these parts of my personal life? Because I want you to understand and observe how people waste their time, money and energy in trying to possess things which later on own them. Minimalism really helps to curb the mental and daily distraction from your life. Like I know, today I have to wear my grey t-shirt, tomorrow black one and day after maroon one. It is fixed. But when you have 17 t-shirts lying in your cupboard, you get confused – irritated and you think 10x more about ‘what people would think If I wear red today”. Minimalism is a full stop to distracted lifestyle and ignition of mental peace.

Also, at the same time understand this – Minimalism doesn’t mean you stop buying things which are expensive but useful. For example, I bought an iPhone X last year (which I upgraded from 6) – because I needed a phone which can record high-quality videos and record audio as my work demands. My Minimalism would break if I start keeping 3 phones just to impress people or just to create more chaos in my life. My minimalism didn’t break when I got a new vehicle but it would If I start adding unnecessary accessories like blue lights or loud horn, etc. to my car.

Minimalism is all about decluttering your personal space and your living space. Look around you – Do you really needed to buy that couch which you used only twice? Look in your cupboard, you would find 20 such clothes which you never use (my formula for ‘never use = things which I didn’t touch in the last 15 months). Open your fridge – you would another 5-10 things which you ain’t going to bake or cook. They are just lying there because you purchased them maybe to feel good or in some lucrative Amazon sale or perhaps because of consumerism that bit you due to excessive consumption of social media and television.

Declutter your life today. Giveaway things which are not needed. I am still on a journey, I too have to declutter many things from my space like unnecessary utensils in my house, apps from my phone, etc.


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4 thoughts on “My ongoing Journey to Minimalism.

  1. Rahul Giri

    I also have only 4 t-shirts (one of it I had bought in 2015 and the fact I am wearing it today only) that I keep rotating and only 2 pair jeans one black and one blue. I spend my money mostly on buying books and on turf every Sunday morning to play football.


  2. Akhil Bhalla

    Hey Chirag,
    Any easy to make recipe for soya (nutrela) which I can cook in the weekend and eat it over the week by refrigerating the left overs? Taste is not an issue.


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