How to Make Spinach Juice – The Tastiest Method

Greens are important. Whatever diet you are following or even if not following, greens are important for good digestion (fibres) and provides an ample amount of micronutrients. It helps to improve your skin, hair and eyesight as well. There are tons of benefits, just google them.

Now, whenever I suggest my clients and my followers to add spinach in their diet, they go full ‘Omg I cannot ugh“. This recipe is for people like them.

All you need:

  • Spinach leaves (around 50-100gm)

  • Lemon

  • Black Salt

  • Mint leaves (around 10)

  • Tomato

  • Jaljeera Powder

Wash Spinach first in cold water and then Instant boil it. (Instant boil means bring water to boiling point, add salt and then add spinach in it and take it out in 30 seconds). This step is a must because you never know which bacteria you are about to consume.

Put chopped tomato, spinach in a grinder. Add Lemon juice, Black Salt, a bit of jaljeera powder, mint leaves in it. Grind for good 40-50 seconds.

Your spinach juice is ready.

Yes, that easy and it will taste just like pani puri water.

You can experiment with adding raw mango puree, tarmind water, fenugreek, kale, cucumber, etc.


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