Instagram Tips – For Males (and for females, maybe)

First, let’s talk about the real issue.

The day before yesterday I met one of my close friend Rashmi Agarwal (@rashmi.anaokar.agarwal) who is now an Instagram Influencer and doing well very with her content and posts. We discussed how things are going in the wrong direction because of ‘Beta Thirsty Males’ who are following top/average Instagram users (girls) for all wrong reasons and a majority of those girls are sexualising themselves to attract such ‘beta thirsty males’ because after all, it is all about followers and likes. But the girls are not at fault here, the fault is of us Men who are making every next door girl famous on Instagram just because she posts a sun-kissed selfie with dog filter every day.

Men, Why are you doing this?

Why are you so thirsty all the time to instantly follow such people who are generating no useful content, sharing no knowledge and practically giving no ROI of your ‘follow’. Why are you putting such people on a pedestal when you know you look 5/10, your message goes into their ‘request’ folder which they don’t even open and they are fooling brands by showing their good follower count which is basically ‘Your Thirst“.

Guys, read this carefully and introspect yourself. Your gender fought wars, your gender conquered cities, your gender invented and discovered great things. But now, the other gender is putting dog filter selfies, but in reality, you are acting like one. Running behind them, continually pestering them with creepy messages and comments. Why? Why do you think an Instagram celeb would reply to your ‘hyy hru’, or your ‘I think we should connect’. Why aren’t you making yourself valuable enough to automatically draw good people into your fort?

My tips are for those males who really want to grow their Instagram and is not a ‘Beta Thirsty Male’. Read on:

  • First, I want you to develop patience. Growing your Instagram isn’t accessible until and unless you are some Bollywood celeb. Each follower is like a gold coin, which you have to preserve, respect and takes care of it to make it your Instagram a gold treasure.
  • Now find what you are absolutely good at and what your other interests are. It could be biking, fitness, writing, blogging, painting, singing, electronics, gadgets, reviews, food, etc. Start posting about them each day. In stories and in the post.
  • Be transparent about your life. Do not fake things like that guy who bought Lamborghini on rent with few models and is now calling himself an entrepreneur by selling shitty courses. You know who I am talking about. Transparency brings authenticity and authenticity brings valuable followers.
  • Be consistent with your content. I know it takes efforts but again if you really want to do it, go all in.
  • Go live with other people. Discuss good topics. No one cares about your pubG live or tiktok live. Do something valuable.
  • Provide value for free as much as you can. For example, if you are a biker, teach people how to fix things in a bike. How to manage when things are broken, etc. for free. Reply to DMs, Reply to comments with full positivity.
  • Watch this video of Gary vee to understand more.
  • Don’t wait for the right moment to start posting content. If you are out of shape, post about how you are working on your diet and gym. If you are broke, post about how you are working on networking and developing new skills. There is never a right moment.

Keep introspecting your profile. Whenever you feel the urge to text random influencer on Instagram, first look at your profile and ask yourself – is your content worthy enough?

We together can make this app a better place instead of just feeding on dog selfies, tik tok videos, thirst and memes.

I wrote an article on Instagram and Insecurities some time back. Do read.


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