Wake up! It’s already half of 2019!

Start of July or the start of the rest of the six months left for the end of 2019. This is very metaphorical if we think in the terms of “Live your every day like the last day of your life” I prefer “live your each year like the last year of your life” because well, achieving things or success if very difficult in just one day but if give a year, we can achieve many things, can learn much new stuff and can transform many old habits into new.

Some of you must have taken some resolution about something exactly after the countdown on 31st December 2018, 11:59 pm for 2019. This article is to wake you up with the dialogue ‘It’s already half of 2019’

I know, your first week or 10 days of 2019 January must have been full of zeal, focus and determination about the goal or resolution you must have taken for yourself. The ‘I will fix my health‘ resolution people must have followed a strict diet for those 10 days with regular attendance at the gym after paying for a yearly membership. The ‘I will generate regular and useful content on social media’ must have posted twice a day for a week with good knowledge and useful content for their audience. The ‘I will study hard this year‘ people must have bought new stationery just to keep things fresh and be in the mood for the entire year to study well and with focus. Well, I also know the fact that most of you are not on track. It was the end of the first week of January, or the end of the first month when you thought and felt how life is still the same how it was in 2018 and ‘I am getting no result’ hence, I should stop doing that diet and stop following my passion because this is not the end, we will do it from next Monday, next month, next year. 

This article is a wake-up call to you. Stop romanticising THE NEXT week, Monday, month, the year every time whenever you think of starting something. You thought of something in January and off the track? Today is the day to start that thing back. (Well it is also Monday and the first week of rest of the six months of 2019 if such things help you more than a cup of coffee or a tea).

Start today. The diet you have been thinking of, the passion you have been planning for, the course which is pending, the new language you planned to learn in the first week of January. Start today. And start with keeping one thing in mind, nothing change in one day or one week, everything is a process and it takes time. The new diet will take at least 2-3 months to show you the results, the new language will take a year to make a place on your brain and tongue, your new passion will take at least 6-8 months to become a fire from the spark. That is why I say, live your every year like the last year of your life. Get into the process, be consistent, do not think about what people say about you and keep grinding each day every day. You will get results.



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