13 lessons as I turn 26!

Yesterday I turned 26. Personally for me, crossing 25 is proper silver birthday because the way I take care of my health (so far) and how the medical science is emerging, I know I won’t be dead before 100.

My blog is all about the experiences I share with you people which I learned from different books, people and general day to day life. I don’t share any ‘fake till you make it’ or rented cars, girls and gadgets through which I can sell some “Personality Development” course later on. I am just trying to build a community (here on the blog, on my Instagram and on Facebook) where we can help each other for a better life and most importantly for a better sense of ‘what is life’.

I am no guru or already a successful person (I actually don’t know what success means – is it peace or is it happiness or it is a penthouse in bandstand or Koregaon park?) but again, today I would like to share some lessons which I learnt and experienced majorly in the last 5-6 years which might help you for a better sense of life.

  1. Your Physical Fitness is Everything: Fitness would improve your looks by 90%. Lean face and stomach attract everyone. And when you look good, your 99% of work gets easier. People respect you more without asking for it (or fighting for it). By following a fitness regime (structured diet and workout), you develop a good sense of self-discipline and will power which shall help you later in life.
  2. Fix Your Relationship with Your Parents: Bad relationships with the parents is the most common thing you would observe today in your friends and circle. Fix it today if you are going through same. Sit and talk out the difference. Add them on your social media. Whatever it takes. Do not set a bad example for your future offsprings.
  3. Do not Fight or Compete with your Mentor: There are gurus everywhere. Your guru could be anyone. Someone from your college or your office or your own home. If they taught or mentored you on something, do not ever fight or compete them. Always respect your mentor.
  4. Create Content on Social Media: Please start creating content (in whatever thing you are good at) on social media. Every Story, Every Picture you post, Every comment and reply count. If you don’t know how to do this, please start watching Gary Vaynerchuk. 
  5. Netflix, Prime, Etc will absorb most of your time. Use time wisely: Their business model is based upon how addicted you are on their content. That’s the reason the next episode starts in 4 seconds. Please stop wasting your time, sleep and energy on them. I know it is important to watch certain shows because well you want to be a part of social conversation and gossips and for same, read summaries of those shows or watch them while you are eating food (to save time).
  6. Self Confidence comes from Developing Skills: If you lack in self-confidence – develop 2-3 new skills. Skills which can help other people like for example video/photo editing software or something based on nutrition. Once you start helping and improving the life of others, your confidence will skyrocket.
  7. Stop idolizing Friendship and Buddies: Friendships in real life is not at all like shown in movies. Because of your unreal expectations which you developed from Bollywood flicks and novels, you allow even negative people as your friends in your life – which drains your energy and stops you from doing better and bigger things in life. You don’t need 10 friends. You don’t need to drag your old childhood negative friends in your 20s. Think about this.
  8. Alcohol – Weed and Porn: They all act in the same way by abusing the dopamine sectors of your brain. First 30ml, First drag and First category of Porn will always make you feel good. But in long term, they will make you weak, lethargic and out of shape. Use them only if it is a must. For example: Don’t say no to 30ml when your super boss or potential client is offering you the glass. At the same time don’t say yes to them every weekend. Your friend might shame and make fun of you for avoiding these things but in the long term, they will follow your path with the utmost respect.
  9. A soulmate is a myth: There is nothing like a soul mate. I call it “He or She is the only one” syndrome. The Disney and Bollywood have sold this syndrome to every youth especially in 80s-90s. They are still making good money on this. In this syndrome, you create an unreal expectation in your fantasy world where “He is the only one” or “She is the only one” takes up most of the space. And when this world gets shattered or when you get the taste of reality, you get depressed and it affects your career and sometimes your life as well.
  10. Meet one new person every day: Keep this as a base point. To meet a new person every day. It will break your social anxiety, it will help you to improve (by observing habits and personalities of other people), it will help you with new experiences and new stories. Be a part of some community or use apps like Instagram, Tinder, Twitter to catch up with new people.
  11. Learn to Forgive People: Do not be a revengeful person. Do not be a person who always thinks about how to compete or show the right path to the person who let you down or who misbehaved with you. Forgive them. Forgiveness is like saving your energy to utilize it on better things in life.
  12. Start Watching Jordan B Peterson and Gary Vaynerchuk: Jordan B Peterson, the author of 12 rules of life and maps of meaning, helped a lot to channelize my inner thoughts in the right direction. I actually watched all of his lectures and read all his content. He will teach you how great ‘responsibilities’ are. And about Gary Vaynerchuk, I watched and absorbed his content so much that whenever I feel lazy or tired. his “hustle” echo wakes me up!
  13.  ‘Responsibilities‘ forces you to be more disciplined in Life: I am not sure if the majority of people would agree to this. When you take up the responsibility of something (like an EMI of the house or a car) or someone (like a pet) you become disciplined towards life. For example, I could be a free soul without my cat or my house and my car, but I daily come back to my house because I have to feed Milo and as a freelancer, I keep networking to get work so that I can pay my EMIs. Think about this and do discuss more on this on my DM.


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6 thoughts on “13 lessons as I turn 26!

  1. Rahul Giri

    Nice blog! I always like to read and learn a thing or 2 by the experiences of people.

    P.S. – I’ve also recently started to write blogs. Read it whenever you get time because i would love to hear your feedback.



    P.S.S – Write a blog on “Tips and tricks for new bloggers” or “How to monetize your blogs” . Would like to read it.

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