Supplements Recommendation!

People have been asking me about which whey protein to use or which multivitamin brand is good. I never shy away from suggesting my favourite brands to people because I have experimented most of them on myself. Hence, making a list of supplements I use brand-wise which might help you to make the decision before buying or investing your money is expensive supplements.

Please note: Supplements are useful only when you are eating according to your macros and pushing your body with different exercises and workouts. They are no magic. They are a nutritional aid. They might act as a shortcut to fulfil your nutritional requirement but they won’t act like some superpower in your body. Invest in them keeping this in your mind. I am here not endorsing any brand or getting paid by them. This list is my go to reply to anyone who asks me about my supplement stack.

  1. Nakrpo Platinum Whey Isolate: As per recent lab reports, this whey seems very good. I have used two packets so far, no digestion issue. You can buy this here:
  2. MyProtein: I love this brand because of the flavor range they have. My favorite:
  3. Real whey: Love this brand for competitive pricing and transparency. You can buy from their website as well. Amazon link:
  4. Fitness Standard Isolate: One of cheapest and best isolate available in the market. Unflavored. Buy isolate only if you are allergic to milk and milk products:
  5. Biotin: This supplement helped me to control my hair fall which happened due to weather and water change. It has no recorded side effects as such. You can buy this here: –
  6. Omega – 3 Fish oil: Omega – 3 are the polyunsaturated fatty acids which provide many benefits to our body like brain functioning, eyesight, joint health, heart health, in some cases fat loss as well. This is one of my regular supplement. You can buy this here:
  7. Animal Flex: I can’t describe in words how this supplement helped me to cure my back pain issues and wrist pain. Hyaluronic acid in it helps to lubricate joints. 44-day course. 7 caps every day. You can buy this here: –
  8. Creatine: First, this is not a steroid or some illegal substance. It is allowed in every sport and in every association. It is the most researched supplement you will ever come across. It improves your workout by proving around 20% to 30% strength over time. Take 5g daily. No need to load or unload it. You can buy this here:
  9. Caffeine in tablet form: If you are allergic to coffee in terms of acidity and burps. This is your thing. One tab has like the energy of 4 cups (0.95 l) of coffee. You can manipulate the dosage accordingly. My personal advice would be to start with 1/4th tab and up your dosage as per the need. You can buy this here:
  10. Multivitamin: Buy any from your nearby medical store.
  11. Pre Workout: Sometimes I need an extra edge in my workout session especially after a long day of work. Pre-workouts are good but you might develop a tolerance. Best bet is to cycle it. Take for 21 days and then go off for 7 days. You can buy this here:
  12. L- Citrulline: As per research, citrulline helps in increasing the overall endurance and reduce your fatigue which happens during the workout. This is mainly found in watermelon, but as usual, in less quantity. The above-mentioned pre-workout has citrulline in it but the only 2g per scoop. I prefer 5g total, that’s why I add it my usual pre-workout. You can buy this here:
  13. Apple Cider Vinegar: To be honest, this drink tastes like shit. I don’t how people drink this twice a day. I drink it like medicine. Ugh. Why? Because this thing is magic when it comes to my digestion and bloating issues, especially when I am on a low carb diet. There are tons of benefits of this drink which you can easily find on google. I use this one:

I am trying other supplements as well. Will keep adding to this list.


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