Do you need Whey Protein?

The most common questions I am being asked continuously on my twitter and Instagram DM.

“Bro is it necessary to take whey?”

“Is whey must to build muscles?”

“Do you recommend whey to everyone?”

“As a woman, can I take whey?”

“Can my mom/dad take whey”

“Should I take whey even when I am not working out?”

Writing this article to solve each query for once.

Before you ask this question first follow these steps:

Now suppose your protein requirement comes to 130g, like this much protein you need to consume every day.

As you know ( or you can google/myfitnesspal/fittr)

1 whole egg = 6g protein, 5g fats, 0g carbs
1 egg white = 3g protein, 0g fats, 0g carbs
100gm chicken = 31g protein, 4g fats, 0 carbs
50gm soya chunks = 26g protein, 4g fats, 10g carbs
100gm masoor dal = 26g protein, 0g fats, 68g carbs
1 cheese slice = 4g protein, 5g fats, 1g carbs
100gm paneer = 18g protein, 22g fats, 5g carbs

1 scoop of whey = 24g protein, 1g fats, 1g carbs

Now to cover 130g protein in a vegetarian diet, you will have to consume around 300g paneer daily with 50-50 soya and dal (approximately)


To cover 130g protein in an eggeterian diet, you will have to consume around 6-7 whole eggs, 10-15 egg whites and some paneer (approximately)


To cover 130g protein in a non-vegetarian diet, you will have to consume around 200gm of chicken with some eggs and paneer/dal/soya (approximately)

Now this is exactly where whey comes in. 

It is the easiest and one of the best source of protein when it comes to fulfilling your daily protein requirements.

Can you eat 300gm paneer daily? No? Whey will substitute. Can you eat 10-15 egg whites daily? No? Can you eat 200g chicken daily? No? Whey will help.

1 scoop of whey equals to (approximate) 7-8 egg whites/80g of chicken breast/50gm soya chunks, 150g paneer, 100g dal when it comes to protein content. (I am not equating fat and carbs here, you can do that yourself in the link I gave above)

Now when you ask if your mom can take whey? Absolutely she can if she is not able to fulfil her protein requirement through daily regular food. Same goes when you ask whey protein intake when it comes to building muscles or if it is necessary.

If you can fulfil protein requirement through normal food intake, you don’t need whey. Also is whey safe? Yes. Read this – Whey Protein and Kidney Stones?

My favourite Protein brands:

Whey Isolate :

Intercellar Whey Protein

Normal whey concentrate (buy these if you are fine with dairy) :

Intercellar Whey Protein

Use code CHIRAG37 on intercellar whey to get discounted price

Any more doubts? DM me.

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