Your Relationship with Food

When we are happy we like to eat a particular kind of food and when we are stressed or angry, that food choice changes. We all have a different kind of relationship with the food. Some people love it, some hate it, some people, like me, are neutral towards it. And today, I want to discuss and teach you a few things about how to develop a neutral relationship with food.

Why a neutral relationship with food is important?

We (should) eat food for energy. But every culture, religion and different sects around us basically ‘enjoy’ food. Like we see people feasting on EID, having cakes on Christmas, sweets on Diwali, etc. But at the same time, feasting on festivals only is now a thing of past. Thanks to MNCs of food chains and revolution in food industries, we now see sweets and high caloric food everywhere around us, available 24/7 and cheap as well. Hence, people are getting fat and more fat without realizing the exponential growth of the fat cells in their body.

And then when they realize this fat gain on their body suddenly one day, they go on a strict diet to lose that fat. While on a diet, maximum under 3 days, they start missing their favourite food (like pizza, burger, Nutella, chocolates, fries, chola bhatura, alcohol etc.) and then comes stress and irritated behaviour from inside like unnecessarily getting angry over small things just because you are not able to eat what you want to eat, thanks to your strict diet.

This is where a neutral relationship with food comes in the scene. In this kind of relationship, you do not crave anything also you do not dislike anything completely. It is like, if someone serves you a pizza, you will be satisfied with a slice of pizza instead of stuffing a complete pizza in your stomach. It is like if someone asks you to have a peg, you don’t say no but at the same time, you don’t binge 6 pegs also. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

How do we develop such a neutral relationship with food? I cannot control my cravings. 

Developing such a relationship takes times and patience, I am not going to lie. But it is easy. Not rocket science. I give my clients, who are on weight loss, Parle G, Mangoes, Tea with sugar. And they are still losing fat while enjoying what they eat – But the catch here is to learn about the calorie intake.


Every food has energy, which we transfer into us by eating it. (remember, energy cannot be made or destroyed, it can only be transferred). We use this energy to do our day to day work like walking, talking, workouts and other physical activities. When we eat more than the energy required, we gain weight, when we eat less, we lose weight. And when we eat just exactly what is required, we maintain our weight.

To develop a good relationship with food, you have to learn the habit of counting calories of each and every food you eat from now on.

Let’s take an example of Man who is trying to lose fat and is on 1700 calories. How will he develop a neutral relationship with food so that he can enjoy his diet without being stressed about it? By calculating each and everything. If he is covering 640 calories from protein, he is left with 1060 for fats and carbs. Now he needs some fats for the proper functioning of hormones, so let’s give him 270 calories from fat. Now he left with 790 calories. Let’s give him 450 calories from carbs. Now, he is still left with 340 calories. Now he can eat whatever he likes in this 340 calories, like a cup of tea with sugar is around 60 calories, 5-6 Parle G are 140 calories. You get my point.

This way you will not have to suppress your cravings while on a diet because cravings lead to hogging and hogging leads to more fat gain. Develop a good relationship with food because till the age of 90-95 you will have to eat food, it is your kind of life partner. Do not hate it or do not extremely love it. Eat what you are supposed to.

Always eat to live. Don’t live to eat.

How to calculate your intake? check this article: How to make a Diet Chart all by yourself


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