Stop Being Too Materialistic!

Whenever people ask me, “Bro, who do you admire the most in this world”, I answer – only two people, Gary Vaynerchuck and Naval Ravikant. Then they ask me the reason behind it and I say, “I don’t know man, they are the most valuable people I came across on the internet. They teach everything for free, never asks anything in return and this is the best thing about them, we need more such people”

Now, if you are done googling these two people, let me tell you what other things I noticed about them so far (which is also the core topic of this article). I am absorbing the content of Gary Vee for 2.5 years now, whatever I am on internet world today is because of him, as his free teachings have taught me how to provide value and help people around me without expecting anything in return. Same with Naval Ravikant, came across his Twitter account last year and he tweet so much of wisdom that sometimes I have to take down notes. They both are great entrepreneurs and investors like they play in millions and billions of dollars. But, I have never seen them wearing an expensive watch, or driving an expensive car. They are always dressed in a simple shirt or a T-shirt, never showing off what they got. Unlike other scammers on the internet who are trying to sell you their courses and constantly showing off their Lamborghinis, private jets, pool parties, thots, what cigar they smoke and how big is their bathtub.

Their non- materialistic world of these two made me write this article because well I love observing people around me. People who care about what watch they have to wear today, what clothes brand they need to shop from, which car they are going to buy after 20 years, etc, I have noticed personally, are never satisfied with their life and these people complain and crib the most about the things happening around them which, take note, are not in their control. And at the same time, people who are satisfied with whatever they have and not giving in to materialistic world are the happiest and at peace all the time. You know this is very true to some extent, I don’t know what kind of person you are but you can always observe people around you to understand the happiness and peace with relation to being materialistic and non-materialistic.

Why this happens?

Pick up any religious text or teaching, almost 99.9% of them teach us about the power of sacrifices and simplicity. There is a reason why we see monks (of whatever religion) sleeping on the floor, wearing the same clothes every day and eating simple food. But let’s leave religion talks aside as many of you don’t believe or consider religion above you.

The problem with being materialistic is that your wishes and your wants never end. It is like you buy an expensive watch today, you will see someone wearing better one tomorrow and that is exactly where you will feel sad and unhappy of not being able to buy the most and much expensive watch than yours. It is the same when you buy a vehicle and the sadness you feel when you see the newer model on the road within a year. This cycle never ends. It is like watching porn on the internet and you keep scrolling through pages because you know there might be something better on the next page and you waste so much time in doing so. (Using porn analogy here because it is as bad as being “too materialistic”)

What can you do about it?

Try. If you know you are too materialistic and already acknowledged it, try quitting things slowly which are of no use. Do you really need a watch? When you can see the time on the phone. Do you really need a Starbucks coffee? When you can take caffeine in various other and cheaper forms. Do you really need that gold chain around your neck? Do you really need clothes from an expensive brand? Cm’on, you are fit, any clothing will look good on you.

Look around your room and ask yourself, do you really need all the stuff lying around you? Look around you and observe others, do they really need everything they carry with them?

You got one life. Material possessions won’t ever end, life will, very soon. Break the cycle today.


My ongoing Journey to Minimalism.



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