How to make a Diet Chart all by yourself

Stop stressing over what diet to follow and how to make a diet chart. There are many resources online and in this article, I will give you my favourite ones.

  1. Install Fittr app. Google store link / Apple store link. 
  2. Now while signing up, they will ask you details like height, weight, age and body fat percentage (if not calculated, you can go to any nearby golds, vlcc, etc and get it checked. Go empty stomach)
  3. Go to BMR tool. Calculate your BMR and TDEE.
  4. Now if you want to lose fat, eat less than your TDEE and if you want to gain, eat more than your TDEE. Also, understand, online calculators are just for approximation, keep trying till you find what your maintenance (actual tdee) calories are.
  5. Go to macros calculator and follow any type of diet, high or low carb. Just be in deficit or surplus as per your goals. Just keep protein intake around 1.8/2g per kg of your body weight and adjust carbs and fats as per your preference. Try to keep fats atleast 30-40% of your total calorie intake, rest you can keep carbs.
  6. 1 gm protein has 4 calories. 1 gm carbohydrate has 4 calories and 1 gm fat has 9 calories. Now accordingly add food in ‘diet tool’. For example, 1 egg has 6gm protein, 5gm fats and 0 carbs, total calories come to 69 calories.

That’s it.

Watch this video to understand more:


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That’s about it. Feel free to DM me anytime.

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