The High Protein – Dal Palak Recipe

I posted about spinach juice a few days ago, but few people wanted to try more spinach variety in their diet. So I myself experimented with “dal palak” thing and found the best way to make it tasty and high protein. Here it goes.





  • A fresh bunch of Spinach
  • 50gm Black Moong Dal
  • Butter or ghee (10gm)
  • One Green chilli
  • Red chilli, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Cumin seeds, Hing.
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 40gm soya chunks
  • A Lemon


How to make:

Wash spinach with hot water or instant boil it.

Wash Moong daal 2-3 times.

Wash green chilli

Now take a cooker and add moong daal in it with spinach and green chilli. Add enough amount of water (when I say enough, add little extra than enough). Add a little bit of turmeric and salt as well. Put on gas and let 5-6 whistle come. Keep it aside and let all steam release by itself.

In the meanwhile, boil 40 gms of soya chunks in plain water with salt. Boil and then squeeze the water out of them.

Cut tomatoes.

Put the kadai or pan on gas, add 10gm of butter in it. Add cumin seeds and hing in it. Let them pop. Add tomatoes and a little salt and red chilli powder. Cook them for 2-3 minutes.

Now open the cooker. There will be boiled daal and almost mashed spinach in that with water left. Pour everything into the pan/kadai where you were cooking tomatoes. Mix all of them. Now add squeezed soya chunks in it. Put the gas on the sim and cover the pan. Let it boil for 3-4 minutes and stir occasionally in between.

Uncover the pan. Your high protein daal palak is ready. Add lemon and coriander before you eat.

It has around 34gm of protein, 10gm of fats and 52gm of carbs. A complete meal.

Note: You can add onion and ginger garlic paste if you want to experience with the taste. You can add more soya chunks and daal if you macros allow it.


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