Body Language and Social Dominance!

We speak a certain or group of languages to communicate directly with people around us. For example, English, Hindi, etc. These languages help us to communicate our feelings, emotions, message, information, knowledge or content directly to the opposite person. Since childhood, we have been taught how to communicate properly in our preferred language and been directly forced to polish and excel in it.

But, we ignored another form of language for long, which is common around the world. Be it any country or continent, this language is the common and known form of indirect communication. The Body Language.

During our school education, like the language we speak, no one forced us to polish our body language, no one taught us how it impacts our day to day communication and the impression in the eyes of other people or group of people around. We learnt these tits and bits through movies by looking at actors, through the internet and magazines.

I keenly observe the body language of people around me. Not to judge them but to see how much they can improve in their present art of body language. And today I will be sharing those improvement points with you to craft the art of your body language which will help you to communicate more efficiently in public. It will 10x your attractiveness and you will be liked by people more than before, in short, you will be one dominant person among your tribe.

  • Always stand straight with your shoulders back. Stand like you own yourself. Do not slouch, it creates a very bad image in people’s eyes. Slouching is a sign of laziness, low alertness and fatigue. Whenever you are in public or meeting someone, stand with a purpose – shoulders back head up. Jordan Peterson talked about this in 12 rules for life.
  • Maintain eye contact whenever you are talking to someone (except maybe with your Dad or Grandpa). Good eye contact indicates that you are not afraid of the person you are talking to, you are one confident man and you have nothing to hide.
  • Always walk with a purpose. Just walk like you have somewhere something to reach. Like how people walk when they are about to meet someone or how people walk when they are heading to stage or something similar. Stop walking like a beta boy lost in love in some Bollywood movie.
  • Sit down on a chair like you own that chair/sofa. Lean back not forward. Legs shoulder wide and arms wider. Stop sitting like you are hiding something between your legs and crossed arms. It gives a signal of insecurity present in your personality.
  • Stop smiling without a reason. Again you are not a person who is lost in love of some princess. A neutral relaxed face is best. Also, don’t open your eyes super wide. Keep everything neutral.
  • Always be aware of your next action. Like you are picking up your phone, do not do this in a hurry. Picking up a book or magazine, do it slowly like you know your purpose. The fidgety and nervous motions are the behaviour of weak people and it makes you clumsy as well.
  • Whenever you walk in public space, do not walk in a hurry or too slow. Walk with a neutral speed, shoulders back, chin up and make eye contact with people around you.
  • If someone’s call your name, do not turn in a hurry. Again, in this case, live your life in slow motion.

That’s it. Basic body language tips to maintain your social dominance. For a good posture work on your upper back, chest, delts and core. If you are above 25% body fat, it will be difficult for you to maintain good posture. Lose that fat and gain some muscles.


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