Diet FAQs

  • Do I have to measure everything uncooked or cooked?

You have to measure everything uncooked, reason being, for example: If I asked you to measure and eat 200g cooked rice, this 200g rice can be cooked little dry (read – less water) and puffy (read – more water) and that will change the actual quantity of it. So that is why we measure everything uncooked. But yeah, in 10-15 days you will start getting an idea of how much 50g uncooked rice looks like after cooking and you can eat with assumptions. Though, please understand, assumptions are not exact, so it is always better to measure and eat.

  • Do I need Whey protein?

Read this to understand:

  • I am going out for dinner tonight, what can I eat?

Now, after this food measuring habit, you must have understood the portion size of your rice, paneer, chicken, eggs etc? Eat with assumption. Avoid gravy because these people add too much of ghee/butter/oil in that which can ruin your entire progress. Avoid anything fried for the same reason. Drink water to curb hunger pangs. Eat at home before you leave for party dinner. Carry protein bars.

  • Can I drink alcohol?

Tricky question. The answer is Yes and No both. Alcohol got 7kcal per 1g and these are empty calories (of no use basically). So suppose you are having 30ml of blender’s pride with ice, that means it has around 12-13g of alcohol. (considering the alcohol percentage of the drink is 42.8%). 12×7 = 84kcal. Now, 84kcal is around 25g of rice or 10g of ghee, you can calculate and replace like this. However, it’s similar to the sugar thing. If one 30ml shot is enough to shut you up and go home, go ahead and have it. If that shot triggers a long rally of back to back shots until you get sloshed, OR triggers you to order ultra high-calorie chakna to go with it, you’re fucked.

  • How to take whey?

There is a scoop inside your whey container or packet. Put that scoop in a glass of water mix it and drink it. OR get a shaker:

  • What is the right time to take whey? Before or After a workout? 

If you are really working out on an athlete level, and focusing on muscle growth, etc. Take protein meal around the workout. (protein meal could be whey as well) and when I say around, I mean in the range of 2-3 hours before or after. Don’t overcomplicate though, you can take it anytime you want. Before bed, after bed, it doesn’t matter really. People suggest to take it just after the workout because it is the easiest meal you can have after a workout.

  • Can I replace a meal with whey?

Not an entire meal but with some calculation, you can. 100g chicken = 31g protein. Similarly, one scoop of whey = 24g protein, you can adjust this way.

200g paneer = 36g protein BUT with 44g fats.

In a scoop, you will get 24g protein but to cover fats you will have to add more things.

  • Can I add fruits to my diet? Which fruits to avoid?

I might have added some fruit options in your diet, but when I am not available and you want to add fruit, just check the calorie count on an app like Fittr or Myfitnesspal and adjust accordingly. For example – 100g banana = 24g carbs, can be replaced with around 30-35g rice.

  • Do I have to avoid salt?

No. Not extra also, just keep having it like your normal routine.

  • Soya chunks will give me man boobs?


  • I need recipe ideas of chicken, paneer, eggs etc.

G O O G L E              or          Y O U T U B E           It.

and verify with me either on WhatsApp/mail or post on facebook group so that others can make use of it.

  • Meal timings matters?

No. Eat whenever you want. Also, you can shuffle everything on the chart. Want to eat entire rice given in chart in one go, go ahead. But do eat everything mentioned.

  • I am not losing fat man what to do?

See, there could be many reasons.

  1. Are you measuring your food properly?
  2. Are you adding things like peanuts in poha or coconut chutney or tomato sauce randomly or without informing me?
  3. Are you sure you don’t have any medical condition like thyroid, pcod etc which you didn’t inform me about?
  4. Are you losing inches? If yes, have patience.
  5. Is your sleep proper and consistent?
  6. Are you walking or working out enough?
  7. Are you in too much stress?

After analysing these pointers, do email or WhatsApp me. I will make sure you get back on track smoothly.


So that’s about it, I will add more FAQs in this with time. Let me know if you want me to add anything to this.


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