How To Develop Your Own Personal Brand! – Chapter 0 (Why)

If you are someone who got almost zero social media presence, or if you are someone who still doesn’t belive in the power of social media in 2019 and trusts offline contacts more, or if you are someone who hates using twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram because you care more about your self devloped intellectualism (for example: social media is a waste of time) or if you are someone who makes fun of people who are recording every moment or posting about every seconds of their life on internet or if you are too comfortable in your present job – THIS SERIES IS MUST FOR YOU.

Last week I announced on my almost all social media profiles that I will be doing a seminar on “How to develop your own personal brand” in my Facebook Group called Reverse Engineering. While prepping the presentation, I realised that this blog series will help me to grow my personal brand and it is always better to teach my audience on the go as I am learning new things and gaining new experiences through hit and trial methods. So here we start, a fresh new blog series on How to Develop Your Own Personal Brand. 

Before focusing on personal branding, I was working for other people and organisations as a Cinematographer, Nutrition Advisor and Video Editor. My name was negligible in the internet algorithm, but the monthly payment was consistent, and I really never had to worry about my EMIs or Rent. But as a Gary Vee addict, I came across one of his content where he talked about Why Personal Branding is important and how one can really build it from scratch (you can youtube/google about it) and then I started focusing on my brand. Right now, I am not even at 10% of “personal branding” on social media, but I am writing this series because again, As I grow, I want you to see my journey and I want you to learn from my own experiences of success and failures.

This course is for free. I do not believe in selling shitty e-book and stuff for dollars because I myself won’t buy such stuff, why would you. And who am I? Why would you trust me, why would you even pay me 500 bucks for something? I am not some great successful entrepreneur or CEO of some big firm, I am just a regular internet user who is right now trying his best to build a brand called – Chirag Barjatya over the internet without fooling or scamming people.

Why personal branding is essential according to me

  • Responsibility: Personal Brand comes with a lot of responsibility for your shoulders. When you work in a company or a firm, you can always put the blame on your team leader or head of the company for some fuck up happened because of you. I mean as a primary example: you can blame the connection of internet of your office because of which you didn’t send the mail of time (you know how people do it), but as a personal brand, you cannot put the blame on anyone except you. Personal Branding is fun when you love to be responsible. (if you don’t, please stop reading this blog post)
  • Security: I understand how satisfactory monthly salaries are when you work in a company or for someone regularly. It takes away all the stress of monthly EMIs, Rent, Food, and other expenses. But you know what is the real risk is? The company or the employer can and will fire you anytime, sometimes without even notice and then you realise that “Who are you? Nothing”. Where in Personal Brand, as mentioned above, you are responsible for your own shit. No one can or will fire you for your fucks up or even during an economic depression. And when you get good enough in developing a good brand, the payments become consistent because at the end of the day you need some bucks to buy food and shelter.
  • Exposure as your CV: As you grow over the internet, your name starts flashing everywhere, especially in the subconscious minds of the people. They start remembering your name, and it helps you to network, to get new businesses, new opportunities and obviously financial stability in the long run. To be very honest, you can just ask people to google you instead of presenting your life in 4 a4 sheets as your CV.
  • Self-Awareness: It helps you to become self-aware by continually telling you if you are good at something or not through likes, comments and other social media engagement coming from your audience. For example, I know someone who is posting his singing for more than four years now on various platform, and all he gets is negative comments, finally, he became self-aware that he is not a Singer. Another example is Me, why I am writing this blog? Because several unknown people told me that my writing helps them to reverse engineer things and their thinking. I didn’t know that, but my audience made me self aware of my skills and expertise. This doesn’t always happen when you work with someone because your credit is taken away from the company or the person you are working for, and you never really come across or face the actual criticism.
  • This is the Future: As internet is growing, we know the future, not even future, I am talking about just next 5-8 years, you will see everyone, everyone means every kid, your parents, grandparents, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc., hooked to cellphone 24/7. Yes, I know they are caught right now as well, but the next 5 years will be on a different level. And after 5 years, do you think they will even bother to listen to the person who’s existence is zero on the mobile screen they are hooked to 24/7? Think about it.


This blog series is going to be super fun and engaging. It will help you to articulate your present presence on social media and on the go, I will teach you to make space here. I know only 8-10 people will really make use of this series, but I write because I want to change/improve at least one life.

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