Decision Fatigue!

Have you ever observed why famous entrepreneurs and techies are always in simple clothes? Why Mark Zuckerberg is always seen wearing grey hoodie, why Gary Vaynerchuk is always spotted wearing plain clothes? Why Steve Jobs used to wear the same black turtleneck every time we saw him in events? To reduce the fatigue which develops from taking small, random and subconscious decisions.

As a team leader, a successful entrepreneur you really don’t have a scope of wasting your valuable ‘energy’ into small-small things like “What should I wear today?”. I know, you reading this blog might not be successful right now, but this article will help you to develop a habit which will help you to focus on your job/work/tasks more clearly.

Imagine a morning, you start your day deciding what to eat for breakfast, then the soap and deodorant for the day and then you open your wardrobe and waste another 20-30min deciding what to wear. And at the same time, imagine a scenario where you are using the same toothbrush (which you usually do), same toothpaste, same soap, same deodorant, same breakfast and same colour clothes every day before leaving for work. Which one of these seems less time consuming and more effective? You know the answer.

More tips on how to reduce Decision Fatigue and why.

  1. Stop spending on different clothes every month, instead buy the same colour or different colour but same style clothes to be worn with the same pair of jeans and sneakers. No one cares if you are wearing clothes of vibrant colour of expensive brands. No one cares which brand Mark, Gary or Elon wears. We only care what value they provide us on a day to day basis. Focus on that. Focus on becoming a product yourself instead of being a slave of different colours, styles and product which wastes your morning time additionally by 30-40min.
  2. Start focusing on your diet. Let me give you my own example: Where other people take 15-20min to decide what to order in from the restaurant menu, I take only 5-10 seconds. Why? Because I know my “Macros” by heart. I know what to order, every time, same content. For example, I know I have to eat 4 whole eggs in lunch with some rice, It takes me 5-10 seconds to decide if I want to order a masala omelette or egg biryani. That’s it. This is another benefit of focusing on diet and macros. The amount of time other people take to select things from the menu, in that same time I finish up my food. The other way to follow this thing is by prepping your meal every weekend and carry tiffin accordingly instead of wasting time and health by ordering from cafes.
  3. Start using technology like “To-Do list” apps and Siri/google reminders to remind you about things. Some people feel pride in ‘memorizing’ their everyday schedule but the thing which they don’t realize is that they are wasting their brainpower in something which can be easily handled by technology. Cm’mon, we are 2020. Our phones are in our hands 24/7. Use them. This way you won’t miss your tasks and it won’t load your ‘limited’ fuel of the brain. Rich people delegate such work to their personal assistant, but we broke people use tech. For some people, even google maps help in reducing fatigue. Why to even focus on remembring roads when you have tech in your cars to tell you when to turn right and when to turn left.

Other small tips:

  • keep your room and working space clean, it will help you to find things more quickly when you need them
  • keep your desktop clean and data sorted.
  • switch on notifications only on a priority basis


Which tip you would suggest reducing the fatigue happens because of wasting time in taking random decisions?



3 thoughts on “Decision Fatigue!

  1. Dr G

    Would you suggest same dressing advice for women as well, knowing that a lot of professions you’re judged by your appearances and presentation. I have decided when I’m rich I’m going to hire someone to manage my wardrobe. You’re right it’s a BIGGEST HASSLE every morning


  2. tushrchauhan

    Very useful article. Also, some of the things I have found useful in reducing the fatigue are
    Keeping a very limited amount of good clothes for different occasions. i. e Casual (used at home), Formals, a piece of ethinic wear and a blazer or two.
    2. Throwing away things every now and then, which you might have not used for a long time and aren’t valuable.
    3. Taking one project at a time and moving on to next when you have mastered that thing or on completion.
    4. If you have a task that’s sitting on your to do list for a long time, maybe it’s time to delete it.
    5. Buying things that brings certain value.


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