How To Develop Your Own Personal Brand! – Chapter 1 (Identify your Passion)

In the last chapter, I covered the ‘why’ aspect of developing your personal. Do read that chapter before you read this blog post.

What is Passion, and how to identify it?

Certain things that we do in our life make us more than happy, give us a dopamine rush while we pursue them which in turn lead to more excitement and impart a multitude of positive emotions in our being. The thought alone of these things or ideas rejuvenate our senses, feed our spirits, make us so energetic that we lose track of time, we lose our appetite while they take over our minds. For instance, if a person has a strong liking for body-building, he/she will not stop talking or discussing or reading about it; the thoughts of various lifting methods and techniques won’t let him/her sleep, or he/she will develop a body-alarm and wake up in time, following the diet schedule, and training the brain in such a manner that it will surpass the thoughts food or rest on its own. THIS IS PASSION.

To provide the dictionary meaning of it, Passion is the strong, intense or uncontrollable emotion you have for a person, an idea, a thought or a practice. It is more than excitement; something in which you put your heart and soul, something that gives you the feeling of immense joy and happiness when you pursue it. Passion could be anything like, playing a particular sport, writing fiction, helping people, brewing beer, fixing phones, reviewing panipuri stalls or writing Uber/Ola Pool stories on your blog. It could be anything, and anything can be converted into bread if you are dedicated enough.

Passion is both a drug that gives you a kick and an anti-depressant that keeps you going. It gives your life a purpose because when you are indulged in it, you forget about almost everything. It becomes the source of your happiness and your peace. Now, some people confuse passion with the hobby, but that is not so since both are two different terms. Let me explain this difference by giving you an example. Take Photography- if you click pictures once in a while because it makes you feel good, or maybe those ‘likes’ on Social Media give you happiness, then photography is just a hobby.

If you cannot sacrifice your vacations, weekend parties, social gatherings for your ‘interest’ in photography, and only click pictures in your ‘free’ time because it is an excellent option to pass it, then again, photography is just your hobby. However, if the thought of buying those expensive lenses to enrich this interest in photography has risen in your mind several times, if you have thought about leaving your ‘main’ job to pursue a career in it, if you are so dedicated to it that you travel places to click beautiful snaps and don’t seek anybody’s approval for making it your career, then photography is your passion.

Your passion is your ultimate dream. At times, the ultimate goal demands unimaginable sacrifices on your part. The point is that you must be willing to take risks as they are worth the troubles.

“But I don’t know what my passion is”

Some people don’t know what their passion or purpose is. They feel like doing everything at a time, and sometimes they feel like doing nothing at a given time. You are not alone in this confused state of mind, I also sometimes thinks if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life? Almost everyone faces such confusions in their lives. What is the solution? I don’t have it, but I have only one advice, keep trying everything which really intrestes you for that day or for that week or maybe for a month. And whenever you do, just give your 100% in it to really check yourself if you can do this for longer hours without thinking of things like “wtf I am doing with my life”. For example, you wake up one day and feel like doing something related to music. Download course and start learning about it. Compose, Release, Network and do whatever it takes. It will easily take 4-6 months to finally become an intermediate in that. Also, 6 months are enough to realise if you like this stuff and if you are really passionate about it. In any case, in any field, the initial period of 3-6 months is fascinating and fun, after that, you realise if it is worth or not.

Identifying your passion is first step to start working on your personal brand. You will have to consistenly post about your work and stuff and if you aren’t passionate about it, you will get bored and your personal brand will suffer.


The next chapter will be on developing your skillset.


Let me know if you got any questions.

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