When to hire a Nutrition Coach.

Who is a Nutrition Coach? – A person who looks after your nutrition (food basically) and helps you in achieving your goal in a certain period. 

But then people ask me – do they really need a nutrition coach? The answer depends on many things and situations. Let’s discuss.

See, the entire internet is full of all the lessons and teachings of how to make a diet chart and how to take care of your nutrition. It is not some rocket science. If you have the patience of a few hours, you can easily make a chart for yourself. Even I got an article on the same: How to make a Diet Chart all by yourself

But then why a coach?

  1. To fix your relationship with food: A good coach will help you to improve your relationship with food. If you are the ‘victim’ of hoggin food every now and then and you are not able to fix it, a coach will understand that and fix this slowly without giving you the stress of ‘dieting’.
  2. If you have time constraint: The truth is, you need time to manage diet, at least for initial 10-15 days. To understand the measurement of scale, macros and every intake you are having. But sometimes, your job demands a lot. You don’t even get time to sleep, and at the same time, you want to fix your health. This is where a coach comes. He designs your diet as per your schedule and availability of food. (for example: if you eat in the office canteen, as a coach it is his or her responsibility to guide you about what to order from that menu)
  3. If you really hate math: Diet is math. Basic, but it needs math. And few people are really not into it, and they hate calculating stuff. This is where the importance of coach comes, he drafts a diet chart by calculating all requirements, and you just have to follow as he says.
  4. For motivation: Self-motivation is the most challenging thing, to be honest. People really can’t self motivate themselves, especially when they are out of shape and crowd around them continuously pokes them every now and then about how they look. I have seen people breaking down because of body shaming. This is very your coach plays an important role. He must motivate you, to talk you out of sadness and grief and to push you forward when you are stuck mentally.
  5. If you want an example: A coach should himself/herself be fit to set an example for their clients. If they are out of shape, their client won’t feel motivated enough to get on a diet and to work out on a day to day basis. A good coach set an example by sharing his/her own food and day to day workout to motivate you. And as a human being, we always try to do better than our gurus and coaches.
  6. You have tried everything: Sometimes, even after gaining knowledge all by yourself, you get stuck. This is where you need a coach to understand where you were wrong. A good, authentic coach will always tell you basics of what you are doing and the reason behind why you are doing so. As a coach, sometimes, I need the guidance of my senior coaches because not every ‘body’ is the same, and we need a constant human touch to improve with time to time.


That’s all. If you lack or observed any of the points above, you need a coach. If not, the entire internet is filled with diet science. You can always read and help yourself for free.

5 thoughts on “When to hire a Nutrition Coach.

  1. Renu Mishra

    Hmm…After reading this, Now I’m sure that I shud hire a nutrition coach. Will u be my nutrition coach. Reason behind it are many…Will dm soon.


  2. Hello Chirag, I hope wherever you are this finds you feeling well. I wanted to share my appreciation for this post. As someone who specialises in nutrition I found this very informative. Similar to you I too am creating a dialogue on my blog about the significance of nourishment and completely agree that a coach should ‘fit to set an example for his/her clients’. I’m giving you a follow for new inspiration on nutrition!


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