How To Start Your Fitness Journey After Lockdown

Things are getting better. Many people out there developed anti bodies and in many countries vaccination drive has already started. In our country, India, it will start within a couple of weeks. I am excited about this achievement of Human race.

Now as things are getting back on track, so should your fitness regime and the lifestyle you had before lockdown. I know, some of you gained good weight during the lockdown, especially the work from home culture made many of us very sedentary and the closing down of gyms and other sports complexes made it more difficult to follow a ‘routined’ lifestyle. But hey, let’s forget about the past, and let us start the journey again. Giving you out some tips which can help you to start the journey very smoothly again.

  • Start The Walking routine again!

Remember how often, almost daily, you used to complete 10k steps daily? Get back on that routine first for initial week. Start with clocking 7k steps for two days and then 8k and then 10k eventually in 7-10 days. I know some of you can start 10k directly as well, but I would not advise to do that as it can give some random pain in your legs which might force you to rest the next day, which hence will break the routine again.

  • How to start the Gym again

I know and I experienced this myself, when you visit the weight section at gym after long, we feel like lifting at the same strength like we used to before in the first set itself, which is a very wrong way to start the gym. I would advise to start lifting at the 40-50% of what you used to lift earlier. If you dumbbell bench press was of 25kg each side, try to start lifting at 10-12.5kg for now. Basically, don’t go overboard on the first day itself otherwise you will be sore next day and it might make you lazy enough to not to workout that day. You will gain back the strength very soon as your muscle memory plays a good role here and once you feel like you are ready to hit the gym with same intensity, do it.

The other tip here is : Do not remain on the fall back of less weights all the time. Try to push yourself, as you used to do before.

  • The Diet

Getting back to diet shouldn’t be very difficult, but getting into the huge deficit directly could be mentally challenging to the few people. Start with very less deficit and eventually increase if it is all required. Keep protein 2-2.5g per kg of your weight. More you can calculate here: How to make a Diet Chart all by yourself (Step-by-Step Guide)

That’s about it. I love it when people put efforts to start the journey again. In case you are facing any difficulty in starting it again, please do let me know. I am there for you always.

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