The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 4 (How to ask people, subconsciously, to follow you)

Before you read this, Check these parts first.

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I am sure that by now your tweet count must be 500+ with a good display picture and a decent bio and overall if someone opens up your profile, it shall look good. But to convince someone to follow you, you have to do few things which will make them press a follow button after visiting your profile. Let’s discuss.


There are few ways to gain followers and the one which is highly common is asking other to follow you by DMing them “Sir please follow” or by asking them on the timeline with the same request, I won’t be talking about this. As I don’t consider this to be a healthy practice and it eventually affects your image in a way where you end up looking submissive in front of so-called ‘big accounts’ and inflate their ego which collectively harms the environment of twitter world. You can do this if your conscience allows, but I won’t suggest.

So then what are the rules you have to follow so that other people start noticing you?

  • Interact with almost everyone:

To grow twitter you will have to give 4-5 hours daily to this app. And in those 4-5 hours, interact with almost everyone you see on timeline. If someone has pointed an opinion, agree or disagree with it but in a very healthy manner. If someone is asking for help over Twitter, offer them whatever help you can provide. In fact, if someone posted a song lyrics, post rest of the lyrics in the reply. Appreciate people over their pictures, Find flaws in their food or opinion, but keep everything very healthy with peace and calms. People will start noticing you and they will eventually visit your profile to check who the person is behind the opinion you posted and most probably they will hit the follow button.

  • Share your tweets on other social media platforms

Crosspost your tweets on Facebook, Instagram stories, Whatsapp Stories, and almost everywhere possible. This will help in two ways – One, people who are already on twitter will see your tweets and will follow you, Two, people who are not on twitter will get motivated to make an account and they will follow you because you motivated them indirectly.

  • Debate and Take sides (polarize)

Twitter is a place where debates are going on 24/7 on every topic. Even for topics like is the glass full or glass empty, you will see tons of people debating on same. And you have to take part in it.

When I say debate or posting your opinion in a healthy manner, I don’t mean you to be a centrist. Do not try to do ‘batting’ from both sides. Centrists are not respected because once you lean on any other side more, people will press the unfollow button very quickly. Instead, find your path and start taking sides. You are Pro BJP or Pro Opposition?  Choose a path. And I am not talking about politics only, I am asking you to take sides in every new scandal, every new controversy, every new happening around the world. To be very honest, centrists get beat up from both the sides, so it is better to be on a particular side.

  • Quote Retweet more often

This is important because your opinions matters to your followers as well. By Quoting a tweet, be it in favour or against, your followers tend to Retweet it and hence more visibility.


Play with twitter, with your opinions and tweet responsibly. You might feel no one is watching you right now so you can tweet anything, but remember nothing ever get deleted on Internet. Your one problematic opinion can trouble you after 10 years. The world ain’t no sunshine or roses.


I will be back soon with How to provide service on twitter and business development through the same.


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