The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 1 (Display Picture)

I recently crossed 13k followers on twitter. If you look it from a twitter only perspective, it is not such a large number, but if you look at from the perspective of a user who is trying to build up his or her own brand, it is a lot. Why I am saying so? Because users themselves told me. As soon as I crossed 11-12k count, users with 500-600 followers started calling me ‘sir’ on twitter DM. I absolutely hate when someone who is elder to me many years with lots of experience of the world, call me ‘sir’.

It made me think, why people just call you ‘sir’ because of follower count? Is it that big deal? Good follower count is everything on social media? The answer is – Context Matters. With good follower count, comes great responsibility and very fickled reputation. One wrong tweet can break your entire twitter carrier in a few hours. And few good tweets won’t guarantee any success over twitter dot com.

In this series, I will teach you everything I know about twitter in the present scenario. Everything I did on twitter to cross 10k follower count. Everything which helped me to make new and long-lasting relationships and everything which helped me to earn in five figures, yes, through twitter dot com.

All I want from you is to follow my articles one by one and do as I say. I am writing this series for 2-3 reasons. First is, to be honest, I want you people to use this app more efficiently and more productively instead of 24/7 trolling. Second is, I want you guys to use this app to make a decent amount of money without conning anyone and keeping everything transparent and Third is, I want you guys to cross 10k follower count and then teach others the same in your own style and experience. Also, I am starting this series because I really don’t want someone to call me sir and this series will help me in writing with consistency on my blog.


Note: I am writing this purely for the people who are genuinely interested in growing their twitter to help themselves, their brand or their firm. For those who are ready to provide value to others for free and for those who are ready to invest ample amount of time considering it as a diploma course of 6-8 months. I am not writing this blog for anyone whose sole purpose of twitter is to make anonymous accounts to abuse others. Negative trolling is a different side of social media which I neither support nor appreciate in any form. Invest your time in reading this only if you care about others first and yourself later.

Let’s start.


When you sign up for a new account on any social media website, they ask you for your display picture for a reason, that being – so that others can recognize you, others can see the face of the person using the account and hence raise the trust factor in you. According to me, the first rule of Twitter is – Upload a genuine DP for once and do not change it.

Yes, do not change your DP. Why? Your DP is a logo of your account, of your personal brand. Can you imagine brands like coca-cola, Cadbury, Parle-G, etc changing their logo every time they feel like? Obviously No. Then why would you?

Your next question would be – ‘But I am not coca-cola alike brand, I am just a user with 20-100 followers, no one cares about me‘  This is what I want to change in your mind. Always think of yourself as a big brand, as a big media company. Change your perspective from ‘I am small account‘ to ‘I will be a big brand very soon‘. This thinking will entirely change your game on social media websites. You will start taking calculative decisions before using a particular picture for DP and before posting content.

My tips for a decent profile pic:

  • Use a picture in which your face is clearly visible. Groom yourself before getting clicked for this. Ask any of your DSLR friends or use the portrait mode of the phone wisely.
  • A picture should be of yours or the illustration you want to use for your brand.
  • A straight face with a gentle smile is more than enough. No need to go full 32 teeth out for a dp because your every tweet will resonate with your DP. If you are smiling 24/7 in your DP, the tweets which are meant to be serious won’t be considered so.
  • Even if you have crossed 1k count, it is not late to change your DP to something permanent, remember – think like a brand and your DP is your logo.
  • Keep the DP bright in colour. Dull and dark tones will automatically emphasis on the negative part. Bright colour always.

Still, confused? DM me your Display pics, I will help you to select one.


That’s it for today. In coming days and parts, I will talk about Handle Name, Bio, Behaviour, Political Sides to take, Trolling, Quarrels, Ego issues, Networking, Meeting new people and much more.


Stay Home. Stay Safe and Stay Tuned.

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