The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 2 (Bio, Username, Location and Settings)

Before reading this, do check out the first part here: The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 1 (Display Picture)


Username and Name:

Keep username similar to your name. Until and unless the main aim of your twitter account is to leak government papers or army information, do not keep random and forced funny usernames. Remember this series is about business development throught twitter not a troll user account instructions. Your default username must be having numbers and all, remove that and keep your name. If it is already taken, try last name first, try underscore, etc but keep it close to your name.


After setting up a decent profile picture, your next step should be to write a good bio. But before setting up a decent bio, understand more about it.

I have seen people missing on bio when they make a twitter account. And that is one of the main reason that your to be ‘audience’ doesn’t convert into a ‘follower’ because they fail to connect with the real you and the reality of the person behind the account. To make it easy, consider you “bio” as a content written on visiting card. Keep it short, simple and crisp. Write what you do, who are you, if you are skilled in any particular thing, what are you known for and what all values you can provide to others.

Do not write something like ‘I am university topper’ or ‘I make so much money per month’ or ‘I own so and so vehicle’ – people don’t care about all this stuff. They care about what you value and knowledge you can provide if they contact you.

“But I am a college student, what should I write about?” – Write what you are learning about and what you want to learn about.



Must verify your phone number and email address as soon as you make your account. Check in settings again if they are verified or not. Reason? See my own notification filters:


And this is common for every account who has crossed 10k because it becomes difficult to handle thousands of notifications every day. So, if you want people to hear you, do verify your phone, your email and do not keep a default profile picture.





That’s it for today.



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