Be a MAN!

What are you guys doing? Why are you being so delusional about things which don’t matter in our lives? Why are you ruining your image? Why am I reading and hearing, “Men are Trash” all the fucking time? What is the reason behind it? Why do I have so many questions right now?

These past 3-4 days on Twitter were traumatic for me. So many threads, so much information to comprehend, and so many screenshots of:

-how a man asked for a nude,

-how a man sent an unsolicited dick pic,

-how a man tried to woo a minor girl,

-how a man groped a girl in some public event,

-how a man forced a girl into having sex.

Men, listen! This is not a joke. This is NOT RIGHT. STOP doing this stupid shit!

Let’s mentally time-travel to the Pre-hisroric era and think: What was your purpose of life at the beginning as an early man? To hunt for food in order to survive.

We evolved with time. A few thousand years later, we men got busy with a new purpose. This new purpose is to successfully protect our own territory from the attacks of other men. As a result, battles and wars happened that led to the invention of weapons.
Later, we got a new purpose to explore and discover the Universe. A lot many inventions took place, as a result, for the betterment of our own life.

What’s common in all these activities was a rush- dopamine, adrenaline or whatever- that kept us moving without going through any kind of distraction from our goal or purpose. We achieved things which were considered impossible, and that is why, we are living a considerably comfortable high-tech life in the present time.

But what has suddenly happened to us? We were doing all right before the technology happened; we were on the right path, trying to contribute to the advancement in technology. But when it really happened, when we got the advantage of something so cool as Social Media, we men deviated from our paths? Why did we lose the whole purpose of making our lives better by asking for a nude or sending an unsolicited dick pic to a random girl? Really? This is what a MAN has come down to?

Where is your purpose? Where are your goals? Where are those responsibilities, which men of the previous generations took upon them and played so efficiently?

Why does an average male simply found lying on a sofa, smoking weed, drinking beer or consuming junk most of the time? Why is he using his cellphone to send unsolicited dick pics to women and harassing them? Why aren’t you working out at the gym? why aren’t you on a diet? Why aren’t you taking up responsibilities which make you move forward in life? Why are you getting so influenced by everything on Social Media?

Since when has harassing, objectifying, and treating women like toys become your purpose? Why are you spending your entire energy on random women you don’t want any long-term relationship with? How can you leave all your life goals and purposes aside just for getting some ‘action,’ that too non-consensual? Why can’t you walk on your path without any deviations? Why would you even risk doing anything that might harm your reputation in the society? Why are you so desperate? Why do you seek such thrills that scar the women for life? How can you be so inhumane? Why can’t you control yourself? Why can’t you stop being a slave to your dick?

I have so many questions. I have so many doubts on our sex. Why are we males doing this?

Why don’t you realize one simple thing- IF a woman wants you, she will automatically come to you. Focus on your purpose. Focus on your goal. Be a fucking MAN! Be a fucking RESPONSIBLE MAN! Be a MAN who fought wars, be a MAN who invented things, Be a MAN who lifts like crazy, Be a MAN who puts all his energy in his art, Be a MAN who takes care of his family. Be a MAN that your child can look upon to.

You are wasting your immense potential and power. With what? Unsolicited dick pictures, dirty non-consensual talks, cheap messages, forced submission, forced touch and advances, unhealthy intimidation, power politics, stealthing, and everything else that accounts for harassment. Have some healthy ego. Have some self-respect. Be a MAN and stop bothering women.

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