How to fix your Anxiety issues.

We see so many people around us suffering from anxiety. Feeling restless or sudden release of tears or itching in all over the body or a headache or body-ache or sometimes urge to pee or to pass stool are some of the visible symptoms of anxiety.

It is very common. It is increasing day by day (thanks to our busy lifestyle, wrong food habits and improper sleep).  Instead of running away from it, it is time to acknowledge and work on fixing it.

Here are a few tips which you can follow to fix your anxiety.

  • Please start taking Ashwagandha – It has major proven effects in reducing anxiety. Take it in powder form or buy these Himalaya tablets but start taking it. This herb has tons of benefits and reducing anxiety is one of them.
  • Take good sleep every day with a fixed routine. Do not compromise on your sleep. Stop binge watching that Netflix series late night, stop scrolling your feed and try to sleep on time. 8 hours of sleep in a dark and soundless room is good enough.
  • Avoid coffee. It increases your anxiety issues ten folds. And if you addicted to it (like literally can’t work without coffee) then please take this l-theanine with your coffee. This supplement has a major calming effect. You can google and read about same.
  • Soak yourself in sun for a good 20 minutes every day. Just sit in sun and breathe. 11 am to 2 pm is the best time to soak sunlight. Especially in winters. Cold weather triggers anxiety and sun is the solution.
  • Fix your diet. Count what you are eating (macros), eat more green vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc. Drink four to six litre of water every day. Avoid junk and sugar.
  • Meditate – Meditations helps a lot in accepting the anxiety. After all, it is all in your brain. And meditations is like lifting for your brain. Can’t meditate at home? Go to the nearby temple or join some art of living or Osho or some similar stuff. There must be many meditation centres in your city.
  • Avoid porn and mindless scrolling of social media feed when you are feeling anxious. Understand this – During anxiety attack you feel the urge to play with dopamine. You feel like eating your favourite food (sugar obviously), you want to jerk off to porn and you start scrolling feed. This raises dopamine levels but in the long run, they collectively make your anxiety attacks bad.
  • Do some physical activity. Hit the gym, dance or do prayanam. (or wim hoff) but move your body. Humans are meant to hunt. Physical activities are subconscious signs to your body similar to ‘hunting’. (running, heavy breathing and focusing)

Also, talk it out. Feeling anxious about something? Talk to your best buddy? Got no buddy? Talk to me.

6 thoughts on “How to fix your Anxiety issues.

  1. Anurag Munger

    Thankyou so much for the post i was not knowing that m in to anxiety situation symptoms are similar to me and now i know what’s happening to me and its cure too thankyou


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