My Experience After 50 Days of Practising Meditation

I still remember my first session of meditation. It felt as if I am floating in the air; suddenly detached from the outside world. But this was an year ago. After that, I began to use meditation for my own advantage. I started meditating everytime I felt sad or depressed. I knew it was wrong on my part but I couldn’t help extracting benefits from the practice. Then one of my friends gifted me a subscription of the Headspace app, and challenged me to meditate everyday for a minimum 20 days without any excuse. I took the subscription and started practicing meditation with the help of the app. Today, I have completed 50 days. And so, in this article, I would like to share my views on the benefits of meditating everyday. I hope it motivates you to try meditation too.

1. Focus

Earlier, I couldn’t focus on anything, be it my work, career or relationships. But now I feel a lot more focused in my life.
In fact, right now, as I am typing the words for this article, my focus is entirely on the keyboard, and laptop screen. Basically, I have gained a kind of control on my mind- to not let it astray towards other, insignifact thoughts that earlier used to deviate my attention from the work at hand.

2. Detachment and Attachment

It is now way easier for me to attach with someone and at the same time detach with that same being in a matter of seconds. I am so able to control my emotions and views about people and things. And I think that this is a sign of a very stable mind.

3. The Law of Attraction

I feel as if I am attracting things and people. Now whenever I think about someone, they either contact me by themselves or I spot them in public.

4. The Bubble of Positivity

I feel no negativity in my life at all. Meditation created a bubble around me, a kind of a protective shell that has helped in keeping the negative forces away. For instance, I doesn’t affect me anymore if someone curses me in a road-rage kind of scenario.

5. Calmness

More calmed attitude overall. No anger or anxiety attacks. Or sudden rage to kill someone. My days begins peacefully and ends in peace.

6. Higher IQ as well as EQ

I now perceive things more logically than emotionally. I think better. I am able to control my emotions. There are no anxiety attacks or nervous breakdowns now. I sleep better. No more weird dreams; no nightmares haunt me now. In fact, I can sleep at anyplace and at anytime, and can wake up without feeling groggy. I feel no cravings for alcohol or cigarettes. Yes, I can now control my mind to this extent!

Honestly, I didn’t believe in all the above mentioned benefits of meditation till I tried it myself. In fact, I come across a lot of people who don’t believe me when I ask them to try meditation for better mental health. They still prefer popping anti depressants and so, end up flushing huge amount of money on doctors and hospitals.

If you haven’t tried meditation till now, all the advantages of it that I have mentioned above in this article might seem impossible to you. I would only like to say that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions before trying something. There is no harm in giving meditation a shot. Try it! Meditation has played a very important role in improving my mental health; it is nothing but practising deadlifts for brain.

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