The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 3 (What to tweet and when to tweet)

Before you read this, Check these parts first.

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 1 (Display Picture)

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter dot com – 2 (Bio, Username, Location and Settings)


Now your profile is all set, your display pic is looking good, it is time to tweet.

The most common query I get ‘Bro I don’t know what to tweet, please suggest something

Let me suggest you on how and why to tweet them.

  • Tweet about your day to day life

Yes, over twitter people are interested in listening to your experience of day to day life but not the monotonous ones, the entertaining ones. They don’t want to read how you switch on the stove and how you boil the milk. They want to read how you missed to switch off the gas when milk was boiled up to the brim and how your mom made you clean the slab which took 2 hours. Yes, people do want to read about your life but they are more excited to read the comedy in the tragedy of your life. So find a way to tweet about your life but with a twist.

  • Tweet stories

Who doesn’t love stories? And on twitter people absolutely love them because the format is short due to 280 character limit and when you make threads (tweet series one after another) it becomes easier to read because thread makes it look like pointers. Tweet stories about your grandma, your parents, or something happened with you in school days or maybe a story related to your friend’s life experience.

  • Tweet Pictures and Videos

Twitter is not an Instagram, I understand, but you can definitely use it as Instagram. If you are an artist or person with a special talent, twitter will give you more traction and validation compared to any other app out there. If you are a photographer, twitter audience will recognize your art very instantly, if you are a dancer, you will be appreciated by the audience with positivity, if you are a singer they will ask for more, if you clicked a good sunset, they will mesmerize it, if you recorded a funny video of a kid, they will make it viral. Twitter is full of an audience waiting for that one picture or video which makes them feel good about the day.

  • Tweet what you know and about your skills

You know how to fix the engine of a petrol car? Tweet the steps with pictures. You know how to make a diet chart? Tweet about it (I do the same). You know to clean the processor of your laptop/Pc? Tweet about it. People are waiting there to learn cooking, to learn to invest, to learn more about health, to learn almost about everything. What can you teach them? Tweet that.

  • Your Point of View

Every day, at this moment, thousands of things are happening around the world. For instance, right now people are talking about Covid-19, about UFO sighting, about another press conference given by Trump, on the death of some celebrity and many other things. And I know, you have or you want to have a point of view on every topic. Tweet it. Tweet about your pov, doesn’t matter if it is against or it is in the favour of the topic, you will get an audience according to your pov. And this will help you to learn about yourself as well. If your point of view is too absurd, the audience will show you your place. If your opinion is rational and without any logical fallacies, the audience will not only appreciate it but they will also share with their own audience (by quote tweeting it or by retweeting it)


There are many things to tweet. Even a simple “Hi! How you doing” is sufficient enough to start a conversation on twitter. If you are worried about the judgements of the audience, please don’t be. It is just like speaking in front of the large public, slowly slowly you will get into the practice of it. Within days you will get the hint of what your audience is more interested in.


Timing of tweets? 

Again, do not think too much into it but use your commonsense a bit. What time people use social media most? When they are free. What time people are free? Mostly after office hours when they are lying on bed and scrolling through twitter. On Sundays and public holidays. You can tweet anytime you want but the most crowd gets active if something is trending heavily (like during elections or after the death of some celeb or after the major annoucement from the government. ) – be active during this time. There is no point tweeting at 3am on working days, no one is reading your tweet during that dark hours.


Okay I understood what to tweet, but bro where to gather the audience for my tweets? How to grab the attention of new people? In short, how to gain followers?”

There is a reason why I didn’ t write about followers first and content later. First make valuable tweets, first tweet something. Make your tweet count 500+. Fill up your timeline with something. Because if someone is visiting your profile they need something to read, they need something which can grab their attention.

Start tweeting. My next part will be on How to grab the audience attention on twitter. Always remember, ‘Value’ before anything else. Go! provide value on your timeline. I will be back soon with the next part of this series but before that, I want to see your timeline full of tweets, the types I mentioned above.


Let me know if there is any doubt in the article above. Feel free to DM or Email me anytime. You will get my reply within 24 hours, if not ping me again.


And for now, Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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