Podcast Notes: 5 – Coach & Client Relationship (Abhishek who lost 8kgs in 8 weeks)

Client- Abhishek kumar

Coach- Chirag Barjatya


Listen to the Podcast here: https://anchor.fm/chirag-barjatya/episodes/Podcast-with-my-Client–Abhishek-who-lost-8kgs-in-8-weeks-e5h0vd


Client’s diet/work history:

  • Previously, he had experience with the gym and dieting.
  • His weight was 98 kg, and, he lost 8-10 kg in 8 weeks.
  • He had a gap of 1 year in a workout before continuing again.


As he wanted to lose weight, he says after following a proper diet and doing appropriate exercises regularly, weight loss is smooth and not as robust as rocket science. One needs to be very determined.

How did the energy levels change after working out regularly?

  • A controlled diet always gives you increased energy for work.
  • After a regular workout, the motivation continues, and no mental blocks remain.

What are the visible changes one could observe?

  • The face now has less fat and becomes radiant.
  • Clothes fit correctly and look elegant.

What was the motivation of the client to join the gym?

  • Inferiority complex with office colleagues.
  • Blood profile had been tested and proven to be improved.


Experiences and objectives of the client:

  • There should be food and social relationship.
  • One should look fit after doing the gym, not necessarily have abs and perfect figure.
  • Step count is important. One should walk daily after meals.
  • Exercise will improve your BMR.
  • The proactive nature in you is induced.
  • You need a coach to guide you.
  • Even if you have junk food, inform your coach so that he can advise you or manage your diet in the right way.
  • A coach will analyze your results for you and will be a solution provider.



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