Stop making Celebrities your ‘Fitness Idol’

Yesterday, Ranveer Singh posted his shredded picture on his Instagram and Twitter account and as usual, people went mad. Well, nothing wrong in this as this has been happening since the time of Salman Khan 90s era, people have been going gaga over celebrities and their fitness/bodies. If you want to remember more about such cases here are few:

  • Kareena’s zero figure
  • SRK’s Dard – e – Disco
  • John Abram lifting a bike
  • Akshay Kumar in almost every movie
  • Salman’s O-O Jane Jaana song

There is nothing wrong admiring them because well their market is running because we admire them, and hence they must and have to look at their best. If they will start looking like how an average person looks, we won’t be admiring them. Sometimes it is their voice, sometimes their skin colour, sometimes the way they walk and sometimes the way they talk, we, the kids of 90s, those who grew up watching them, admire a lot of things of them.

But then where is the issue? It arises when you start idolizing them as ‘Fitness Goals’ or ‘Fitness Gods’. Why let’s understand point by point.

  • We do not have a lifestyle and luxury of Celebrities/Film-stars. We don’t have six people running behind us, one reminding us about our macros, one mixing our protein shake, one cooking food with five different choices, one shampooing hair post-workout and one giving massage later in the day. We don’t have this kind of luxury, here, Only we have to do the cooking, bathing, macro calculation, etc. No one is going to wash your shaker, you have to do it yourself otherwise the smell of that container will cost you.
  • To be very honest, the majority of them are consuming steroids and other growth hormonal drugs. I am not blaming them for doing so, any of us will consume those if we got expensive doctors and are being paid in crores of injecting such drugs. They need such quick results because of the ‘admiration’ demand. But that’s their job. when you idolize such celebrities, you forget how difficult is to grow muscles and how much consistency one needs with his/her diet and workout for years to look like some greek good naturally.
  • They are being heavily paid for doing this, for following a strict fitness regime. Most of you aren’t. Being in shape 24/7 is not your job. I am not saying that you should stop following a healthy lifestyle altogether, I am saying that dropping down your fat to 8% every now and then is not feasible with a daily job (until and unless it is your hardcore passion like me)
  • They don’t have idea of what is proper nutrition, as I said half of them are on steroids and rest of them are training under nutritionist and expensive coaches. If tomorrow you read an interview by a celebrity saying one should not have carbs after 6pm, or one should not have more than 2 eggs in a day, one should avoid salt, etc. Please ignore it. Don’t even bother to argue or anything, just plain ignore it.
  • Most of the time the things they promote for fitness like green tea, detox juice, etc is because they are being paid to do so, in a large amount. And hence, they bullshit in interviews by giving random fitness tip.
  • Even if they are not fit in real life, thanks to photoshop and VFX, you will always find them fit and shredded as fuck in movies and newspaper/magazines. This gives rise to unrealistic expectations and self-image issues. Please be aware of this, what you look on screen is not always real. It is very easy to make fake abs through VFX, just google this, you will understand what I am talking about. I won’t take any name here because well who wants abuses.


Focus on you and yourself. Your genetics are different, your lifestyle is different, your ‘pay slip’ is different. Yes, you can achieve a physique like Hrithik, Dawney Johnson, Jordon, Salman, John but it will take Time, Dedication and Discipline for years because you are a natural lifter, you consider your health as top priority and you cannot randomly inject steroids to look like a totally different person in six months. Calm down and focus on what your body allows and preach the same.

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