How to maintain diet in India when you are broke or staying in a hostel or have no idea of cooking.

First Read this document if you want to understand how, what and why to eat. Click here to download the copy:

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist yet. (I will be soon). I am not promoting any particular kind of diet. It’s your personal choice.

1. Eggs

Egg is probably the cheapest super food available in the market. Either boil them and eat with any kind of masala or make an omelette or just break them on non stick pan which usually takes 2–3 minutes. Buying 6-8 eggs every time will cost you more, either get a tray or make a monthly deal with nearby egg seller.


2. Paneer

Buying paneer from the market is expensive but making it at home is not. You can easily make 180–200gm of paneer from 1 litre of milk (worth 50-55 inr) at home. Google it out.

And if you are in a hostel where induction or using gas is not allowed, ask your mess guy to get extra paneer for you, they buy in wholesale hence it will be cheaper for you.


3. Chicken and Fish.

There is no need for you to buy branded animal protein source. Talk to the shopkeeper of your nearby poultry shop and make a deal with him. Tell him that you’ll be buying a significant amount of meat everyday. He’ll surely give you a good discount. This way, you can save a lot of money.


4. Buy in Large Quantities

Buy Cheese and Ghee in bulk. Bulk is always cheaper than buying in small quantities everyday. Try to buy these products from the wholesale shops – they are mostly located in the interiors of the city. These shops sell their products on a comparatively cheap price than the retail ones.


5. Veggies

Including veggies like spinach and fenugreek in your diet is important. Just like in the case of meat, talk to a nearby vegetable vendor and make a deal with him. The vegetable vendors usually charge 8–10rs per kilo of spinach if you buy it regularly from them.


6. Advice to the Busy People

Prepare meals for the entire week on your off day/rest day. Seal them in fridge-pack and refrigerate. This way, you only need to take the packet out and heat it in the microwave whenever it’s time to eat. Every office has a microwave these days. You can take your refrigerated meal with you to the office, heat it in the microwave, and consume.

Carry the raw paneer that you made at home in your tiffin box, with some Indian masala like jaljeera or jeeravan.


7. Do Not Compromise

Always keep cubes of cheese and small 5gm packets of butter in your purse/bag or pocket. It’s the best stuff to munch on. (BUT according to your macros)
Also, when you go out with your friends, always order egg, chicken or paneer from the menu. Ask the chef of the restaurant to cook these items in butter. If the chef says, “Sir/Madam, butter nai hai!”, take out your 5gm packets and hand it over to him. Point is, never compromise. Discipline is the key.


8. Buy Whey with friends.

The thing about whey is that larger the quantity lesser the price (comparatively). Like 1kg will cost you 2000 INR but 2kg will cost you 3000 INR. So the best option is to buy with friends. Buy bigger packet. And then divide among yourselves accordingly. Also buy RAW whey protein if you really want to save money on this. They are cheap and good. I use this one:


9. Read or Google Nutritional value of Things you eat

Our Indian Dal has lots of protein – google how much (to adjust with macros), Same goes with Bread. In-fact I know few people who adjusted bread jam and maggi in their macros. It is all up to you how you manage it.


10. Deals group which helps me a lot

There is this group on Telegram and Facebook, no idea who runs it but they give notifications about deals going on amazon and flipkart. Might be helpful for you.

Telegram :

Facebook Group :


Still having Doubts? DM me on Instagram or Email me.




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