Music Manipulation

I met this guy the other day. He was depressed because of a recent breakup. She actually got married to someone else within a month after breaking up with him. He was devastated, broken, lost weight and dark circles. I could see his dry eyes (because of constant crying maybe). I asked him, “what is up bro what happened, let’s sit for a coffee”. We sat in my car to drive to the cafe, he attached his phone to my cable and unknowingly I asked Siri to shuffle music and she played Channa Mereya Mereya. My friend suddenly flipped. He started crying. I was in shock and well it became a very awkward moment (I rarely see men crying). He removed his phone from the audio player and it was silence till we reached the cafe.

After ordering the coffee, I asked him things in details, he abused her and he was sad as fuck. I asked him to show his phone, checked his playlist and top songs were lag ja gale, jag soona soona laage, channa mereya mereya, and some Aashiqui songs as well. I understood his dwelling. I deleted all these cancerous songs and sternly, I asked him to avoid music, Netflix, idiot box and fictional books for the next 20 days and meet me again.

He met me in 13 days. With a happy and cheerful mood. My lost friend was back in his senses. I was in surprise that he rewired himself this quickly.

Music is a kind of drug. Overdosing it would kill you but micro-dosing it could be beneficial for you. We all remember those days when we cried like a puppy after listening to some sad music, we drove our car at 140 Kmph after listening to some fast and furious music, because music always manipulated us in thinking that the things could be different from what they are in present. It made it us believe in the misconception of “Love”. We started expecting a lot from our partners just like those Bollywood movies and like those fictional novels. We made them “unicorn” and we went fully into the belief that There is only one thing in the world – Love. Not career, not family, not your responsibilities, but only Love.

We started going completely opposite of “Stoicism” because music gave “Hope” to us and to our subconscious, and Hope (of something good and extraordinary will happen) is the biggest reason people are sad today. (I will talk about this in coming days)

No one ever taught us about our polygamous and hypergamous nature. Marriages were forced upon society so that even a below average person would get sex because again, we are here to hunt, to eat and to reproduce and if we are not doing these things, we get depressed.

Your playlist defines you. It is true. The type of songs you are listening to while going for work while working out and when you are alone enjoying your ‘me’ time defines your next day, coming week and next year. Music is very soothing to our ears, the voice of Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Atif aslam is next level no doubt, but on a personal level, the lyrics of the majority of music made by these guys is one of the main cause of sadness among youth. Sad music makes you:

  • overthink about things which does not even exists
  • abuse your dopamine levels
  • harms your creativity
  • forces you to take idiotic decisions in life which cannot be undo.

just like drugs.

But, the market is full of good music too. I especially listen to purpose full hip hop about ambition and motivation. Or binaural alpha waves and work concentration music (which i am listening to right now while typing this article).

My advice for you is to delete all the sad and depressed song today from your phone and replace them with good motivational music and binaural beats. Give 30 days to my advice and you will start seeing changes automatically. You will be:

  • More energetic
  • More focused
  • Amazing control over emotions
  • Your creativity would improve
  • You will be at peace.

This is not only about music, this is about every kind of Media you consume. Netflix, Television shows, News, Printed stuff or Audio. You become the person according to what you consume. Give a break from such stuff for the betterment of your mental health. Why? Because, times are going to be more difficult ahead.


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