What’s in for 2021?

Technically, it is just a date change. But then we Humans love setting random deadlines in our heads and we get into the stress when we don’t achieve certain things before that particular deadline. If you see at macro level, these are just dates. No one cares if you complete your goal on 20th November or you do it by 10th January. And yes, in this short blog I am going to change your perspective about time durations and your goals.

On a micro level, world is moving too fast. The lockdown announcement from Modiji feels like a yesterday only. So much happened in 2020, so many major events around the world, many of us lost our near and dear ones to the COVID -19 and many of us, who survived, still struggling with their finances in this economy dip. But we survived. We survived from February to December 2020. How quickly we are almost completing a year of this pandemic, and vaccines are already here. I am 100% sure, you will forget about this year or will look at this year as just “ONE YEAR” after 30-40 years of life. Why? Because on the macro level, this timeline seems very short. People assumed that because of covid there will be worldwide riots for food and shelter, dollar will fall and people will only accept bitcoins and gold in exchange of goods. But these things happens only in movie or in games, not in real life. We humans adapt to new changes and things very quickly.

2021 will change nothing drastically in your life because in 2020 your goals were shorter and quicker. And many of them failed because of covid. Now read to my advise – Change your every goal to 5 years. You want to become fit? Think of your body in 2026. You want to become rich? Think of your wealth in 2026. You want to have a decent family? Set a goal for 3-5 years.

How does this help?

When you set this long timeline, a year of setback, from a pandemic doesn’t even move you a bit. My goal in 2019 was to get 3cr turnover from my own personal brand by 2026. Do you think 2020 affected me? No, because I have more 5 years left with me to work upon. Life is long, nothing is going away from your hands. Take a break, think upon your goals and change the timeline to avoid that undue stress which comes from short term goals like you want to get rich in six months by doing trading or get abs physique like roshan in 3 months. There are high chances you will fail and these failures start piling up on your mental health.

Be patient. And if you can’t, learn from those who are HODLING BTC right now.

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