Personal Brand – The True Freedom

You are either Far Right or Far left in terms of ideologies. And this is the latest visible trend all over the world. You either support Right based leaders like Trump Modi or you support destabilization of the present government by leaning towards Antifa, Tahir Hussain kind of people/groups.

Centrism is a myth. And it will remain a myth. After all you vote only one party or a candidate.
The point of this post is not to talk about political ideologies but the freedom of expressing it.
Now imagine, you are working for a company where you are working ‘under a boss’ who thinks nothing except ‘profits’ for his firm. And he/she has chained you in slavery under the commotion of “Job Security”. Everything is going good. You are making decent money, your wife and parents are happy, your kids are eating well and your pet’s vaccinations are not due. You have an average stable ‘happy life’.
One day you come back home and see some uproar going on new revolution started by some left group on social media to demand the resignation of PM for whatsoever reason and you openly abuse one of the Left person with – Chup Chu*tiye.

He takes screenshot of it, send it to your company’s HR who doesn’t give a flying fcuk about it but as usual, under a protocol, she forwards it to your Boss who is Left on streets because it looks cool decides to terminate you or suspends your services from the % company.

Next morning you wake up – your life is suddenly shattered and you start feeling anxiety. Your body temperature goes up, you feel trembled inside and you feel numb while reading the mail of your termination. You look at your happy wife, playing kid and a peacefully sleeping pet and get more anxious because you just realized how temporary your ‘Stable Happiness’ was.
Now what? You are confused what to do. You WhatsApp your boss directly but it remains undelivered. You contact your HR, and she says ‘bhai I cannot do anything, you know na how crazy boss is’. You feel lost, defeated and almost like a used contraceptive. And then slowly you try to contact other companies, but they refuse, or they ask you to work at a 60% lower pay because your name is all over social media.
Don’t you have the freedom of saying someone ‘Chup Ch*tiye’?
(Read again: Freedom)

This is where, the importance of your own personal brand comes in. More than a feeling of ‘being your own boss’ it gives you liberty to speak your mind and heart out without thinking about anything else. It gives you ultimate freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
Having your own Podcast show, a Twitter following, a stable Instagram feed, not only based on your skills but based on what you “like and love’ to speak is the freedom I am talking about.
Please start focusing on it. Your boss has no right to decide why you should not speak something and when you shouldn’t speak something. You live in a free world. Thanks to internet. You have your own views – Write – Publish and Speak up!

I know you hate dictatorship – but ask yourself, isn’t your boss and his/her HR doing exactly same with you what a totalitarian government would?

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