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Guest: Suman Chhabria – Baker and Founder @sugarplatepatisserie.

About Suman

-She’s a certified pastry chef, she did her diploma from Lavonne, she did her internship at JW Marriott, Pune.

-She worked as a chef with chef Pooja at Love Mumbai.

-Currently she’s baking from home.

-Due to lockdown she has to shut her store and bake from home.

How did she get into baking industry.

-She’s baking since 2012.

-When she completed her 12th, she had 3 months vacation, she didn’t have anything to do, she had ample amount of time, she baked a cake and it turned out pretty amazing, then her college started.

-For next 2-2.5 years she didn’t bake anything but after her fourth semester, she started baking again.

-She spoke to few people and they guided her that she should pursue a diploma in baking.

-She discovered Lavonne in 2016, it was very tough initially as a student in Lavonne, she continued her internship at JW Marriott for 6 months.

-Then she started her own store “Sugar plate patisserie”

Baking as a career option

-Start right after 12th if you’re sure that you want to do this in your life.

-If you’re really good at something, then why waste time for something else.

-A person can work in a hotel when that person is willing to give everything to their passion.

-Cooking is completely different from baking.

-Baking is an art.

Online competition

-Most of the time we adhere to the design that the customer wants us to make but sometimes we can’t copy someone else’s design.

-We can only take inspiration and remake it.

Sometimes it gets tough, sometimes it can be managed.

Limitations in baking

-People want cheap services, they don’t see the quality they are getting, they just look at the price.

-There are people who sell cakes for less but they don’t use the original ingredients.

-Some things are hard to explain to the customer.

-Many a times people just start making cakes, they make cake 1, then cake 2 and so on and they start calling themselves a baker and taking orders. That also affects our market.

Top 4 tips for an aspiring baker.

  1. Always read out the recipe, the procedure.
  2. Measure out everything in front of you before you start.
  3. Always bake your product at a lower temperature for a longer time. (Personal)
  4. Give credits to other bakers when you follow their recipe.

Her Instagram is @sugarplatepatisserie

Do not feel guilty of eating a cake, just be moderate.

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