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Guest: The Con Artistshttp://www.theconartists.in


It’s Rishi from the team of “The Con Artists”, it does wedding photography and ad films, it has been established since 10 years and it has been 6-7 years since they rebranded it as “The Con Artists”, they’ve shot around 300+ weddings.

How did they manage during the lockdown?

-By march, all of their big gigs were over.

-They informed all their clients that the safety of their team is important and they might not able to do the shoots.

-Many clients didn’t ask for a refund because the weddings aren’t cancelled, they got postponed.

-Freelancers should always have contracts because things may go south anytime.

-Keeping in mind that everyone had issues due to the lockdown so it’s in everyone’s best interest to do the refunds.

What should freelancers do right now?

-Go back and check if they really love what they are doing, because in freelancing there’s lack of security.

-You should be knowing why you are in a certain industry and if you like it or not.

-This is the best time to retrospect.

-Learn new things that will make you better in your niche.

-Work on your social media accounts, your portfolio.

-Learn financial stability.

Advice for the new photographers/cinematographers:

-Join a team, going on your own right now might be risky and you won’t get potential clients like this.

-Get more experience, try to connect as many photographers as possible.

-Build your portfolio.

-Seek a long term goal, have a marketing fund, save some money for new gear.

-Rent a professional camera before buying

Professionalism in industry

-Alone you can do less as compared to what you can do together.

-You can be friends with your clients, but you’ve to be professional. You can be an amazing photographer, it doesn’t mean you are unhygienic and ill mannered.

-Stay as organised as possible.

-Back-up your data!

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