Here are 10 simple and easy tips to improve your writing and grammar skills – By Khushi Sharma

  1. Clarity in concepts you’re writing about


Before we start to put our thoughts and opinions on paper, it is important for us to understand the concepts related to them. It helps us to be clear and concise and hence, we’re able to communicate and connect with our readers much more easily.


  1. Make an outline of the topic before writing


After we’ve been able to understand the concepts that revolve around our topic, we should consider making an outline about the topic and the ideas related to it. Creating an outline helps us to understand which points are more relevant in regard to the topic and it develops the base for our write-up.


  1. Avoid over-explaining


The most common mistake many of us make is over-explaining a certain idea. We often fail to understand the reader’s perspective and over-explain in the flow of writing which is why making an outline makes it easier for us to avoid over-explaining and get the idea across our readers in a direct and specific manner. When we over-explain, the person reading our content may become disinterested due to repetition of the ideas. Hence, it’s in our best interest to avoid it as much as we can and be straight to the point.


  1. Stick with simple words and language


We often read books, articles, newspapers, magazines, etc. which contain fancy words that makes them attractive even when the 70% of the readers don’t understand them. Although, many of us are attracted to such fancy words because they seem elite but at the same time, we’d rather read something that is explained to us in a much simpler way than something which is too vague for us to connect to. Simple words and language helps us to connect with the writer and understand the topic clearly. Think about it, who likes picking up the dictionary every time we’re reading something anyway?


  1. Use active voice


When we’re writing something, it’s a must-use active voice instead of passive voice, but why? Using active voice makes the reader feel as if we’re right in front of them and communicating our thoughts specifically to them, this makes it easier for them to connect to us on a personal level and make the experience of reading our material with higher level of interest and enthusiasm.


  1. Use contractions


Using contractions makes our write-up look more concise and less stuffy.


Some examples of contractions are:

Can’t instead of cannot, I’m instead of I am, you’re instead of you are, and so on.


  1. Eliminating unnecessary words and phrases


Sometimes we use some words and phrases which are irrelevant to the topic and barely contribute much of anything. Therefore, it is important to look out for such unnecessary words and phrases and eliminate them from our content while proofreading and re-writing because they only end up expanding the subject for no reason.


  1. Modify verbs and adjectives


This is where we need to widen our vocabulary and use them to enhance our writing to make it look more attractive but not too difficult to understand either. There are 3 types of words- the words we know, the words we should know, and the words’ nobody knows, and here we’re going to focus more on the second type of words, since the first type is too simple, and the third type is too heavy to understand.


Some examples for modifying verbs and adjectives are:

‘Very beautiful’ to ‘gorgeous’, ‘very rich’ to ‘wealthy’, ‘very angry’ to ‘furious’, ‘hilarious’ to ‘hilarious’, and so on.


  1. Proofread and re-write


This is the most important step in writing, it helps us to revise and re-read what we’ve written and make changes accordingly. Proofreading helps in finding mistakes and correcting them so our output is perfect and well-built.


  1. Read variety of material for self-learning


An effective alternative is to read as much as you can, learning from other writers or referring to guide books is one of the best ways to increase our vocabulary and learn how to write smoothly. It takes time to learn but it’s equally important to read and learn from other external sources available to us.


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