How to Meditate

Before I tell you how to start Meditation, It is important for you to understand that Meditation is not some temporary medication. You won’t see any magic or you won’t reach to some another bliss dimension. It is called Meditation ‘practice’ for a reason. Just like you don’t feel any changes in your body after doing a set of deadlifts, the same way you won’t feel changes sitting for meditation 1-2 times. This practice should go on and on, there is no end to it. You may take some breaks but there is NO END to this practice.


Also, these steps are very basic ones. There are hundreds of ways all of the meditation around the world. Every spiritual guru will tell you a different method. In Bhutan it is different, In Japan it is different, USA people use a different technique, Kriya yoga is different, Shambhavi is different, OSHO is different.

  • Find a silent place. With normal room temperature. Use a yoga mat or something like a sheet etc to avoid too much comfort.
  • Put the phone on silent and set a timer if you want.
  • Sit cross-legged. No, I don’t want you to sit on yogic lotus position. It is difficult.
  • Keep hands on knees or on the abdomen
  • Close your eyes and focus in between your eyebrows.
  • Now just sit, lose yourself and observe every thought which is coming to your mind.  Do not focus on removing your thoughts from your mind, you cannot do that. Observe them like there a theatre screen in front of you and your every thought is playing on it in a sketched form.
  • Slowly without even realising you will enter into a meditative state, which you will realise once you hear the timer of your phone.
  • You might twitch in between, you might feel itchy, you will feel anxious as well, but consider this meditation as self-talk with your thoughts and keep observing them.


That’s it. This was your Meditation. This is how it should be. No complications.

Start with 5min daily, then make it 10 and then 15-20min. Max is out. There is no harm.


If this is difficult for you, install the Headspace app and follow a guided meditation. Or register yourself at or at


Let me know if there are any doubts.


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