Podcast Notes: 20 – DO YOU NEED WHEY?

This podcast is about a very common question that I get asked very often. Which is “If you should take whey protein or not?”

Some people ask you to take whey protein, some suggest it to you, some people advice you to not take it, what should you do? So I’ll quickly tell you about it.

You’ll get two types of whey in market.

  1. Concentrate
  2. Isolate

Understand this for now, if you’re allergic to milk, like you get digestion issues, bloating or loose motions after having milk then take isolate (People who are lactose intolerant are asked to take isolate whey).

If you’re not allergic to milk then you can take normal whey.

Which whey should you buy?

Take any whey whose nutritional value is less than 130Kcal and it gives you 22g – 24g protein, this is the basic thing that you should look at.

For example: The whey protein that I am currently taking gives me 20g protein in 110Kcals, look at the labels and you’ll know.

I won’t give you any particular name because if some mis-happening happens due to some other reason, you’ll blame whey protein and then you’ll blame me for suggesting. I never suggest brands.

Best thing is: There’s a website 20kgsdown.com, it’s run by a guy who also has a YouTube channel with the same name, what this guy does is he buys all types of whey protein independently and does the testing on them, gets their lab reports and publishes them online. And tells if the company’s claims are true or not.

You can buy protein that he suggests. Or you can contact him directly.

Why take whey protein?

The most important part! Why you should take whey? Why people ask you to not take it? There’s one reason behind all those statements.

In a scoop of whey, you get around 25g of protein.

In 100g of chicken you get around 31g of protein.

In 8 egg whites you get around 24g protein.

In 200g paneer, you get around 36g protein.

In 50g soya chunks you get around 26g protein.

Suppose, if I speak about myself, I eat around 150-160g protein everyday. I drink half litre milk (15g protein), eat around 7-8 whole eggs (42g protein) the rest from rice and dal, but still around 40-50g protein is still left to fulfil my daily protein requirement, either I can eat more eggs, soya chunks or chicken, but I don’t eat chicken, I am allergic to soya chunks, so to complete my protein intake I will take 2 scoops of whey protein. That’s how I complete my requirement of protein on a daily basis.

So you can take whey protein when you can’t complete your daily protein requirement from daily food items.

If you’re a non-vegetarian who can eat around 300g of chicken and some eggs, then eat, there’s no problem with that, you don’t need to take whey.

If you’re vegetarian and it’s hard to eat soya chunks and buy paneer on a daily basis, then add whey to your diet. Don’t think too much, there aren’t any side effects, your kidneys will be fine as per research.

When to take whey?

You can take it anytime of the day, but people take it after workout because there’s something called muscle protein synthesis function, when muscles need 20-40g of protein, either you can take whey protein or eat some eggs.

After calculation 1 scoop of whey costs around 30-40 Rs. which is equal to the price of egg or paneer.

Who can take whey?


If there’s a housewife who’s busy with daily chores and can’t complete her protein intake, give her whey.

If your grandparents can’t chew and eat much, give them whey.

If you can’t afford it, buy unflavoured or buy raw and I’ve this trick. Buy one packet of flavoured and one unflavoured, mix them both, it’ll be cheap and will last longer.

And there’s nothing like there’s a different whey for girls, for women, for beginners or advance level athletes, these companies are fooling you.

It’s not a medicine. It’s a supplement.

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