Twitter – 101

I recently crossed 10k on twitter and to be very honest, this “K” feels good. But with this “K” I feel I have a responsibility and an indirect duty towards my followers to teach them “How to Grow your Twitter”

In this psyche based tutorial, keep one thing in mind, my tips are based on and for the Indian Audience.

Read them only if you really care about twitter growth. If you are using Twitter just to troll or abuse people randomly, no point reading this. This is for someone who is really keen to make his or her twitter a permanent source of expressions, earnings, networking and personal branding.


Stop Focusing on the niche

Niche works on social media, I am not denying that, but it works only when you are absolutely good at one and only thing. For example, If you are good at painting, posting only about paintings can really help your Instagram growth, but on twitter people really don’t care only about your niche. They care more about who you are, what you do in free time, what your views are on certain topics, which brush you use for painting and stuff like that. People on twitter wants to see your journey rather than the end result. So stop trying the search for the niche, just get on twitter and start tweeting about your day to day happenings, views (on politics, gadgets), arguments, etc.


Provide Value

People will follow you only if you are providing them with some kind of value. Value could be in any form, like knowledge, direction, skill-set, experience, etc. If you travel, a lot of people would love to follow you for help on the itinerary. If you bake, people will follow you to learn recipes, if you read a lot, people will follow you because they like your pov on certain topics. People need a reason to follow you and providing them value is the sure-shot way to be in reason with them. If you are just trolling people and passing on non-sensical comments, the majority of them won’t follow you and they might even block you.



Observe around you and you will see there is polarization in every section of society. It is the basic nature of ‘Nature’. And this is exactly what you have to focus on twitter growth. Majority of people care if your views are left or right-leaning or if you believe in fat acceptance or fitness, if you an android or an iPhone user, They care what side you are on and they will follow you for a lifetime if your and their side match! This is why it is important to take sides on Twitter. I know many people on twitter who are struggling with followers because they remain ‘neutral’ on many topics. DON’T. Start taking sides, and be confident about it. Many will tag you with terms like ‘Sanghi’, ‘Libtard’, etc, but at the same time, many will support you and your views.


Get into the arguments

Now if you are taking sides, which you should, you need to get into the arguments – strongly and with confidence. Why? Because your audience loves to watch sensible arguments, debates and clashes. There is a reason why people stop on the road when two people are fighting, why boxing/MMA matches are on high TRPs, why we love to watch competitive sports. Take sides, argue, debate but just be aware of the decency and never cross the line (like don’t get personal or drag family in it)


Be transparent

Authenticity is another reason why people follow other people on twitter. People love to see what your real life is all about, what kind of food you eat, who and how cute is your pet, what mischief your baby is doing, what issues you are facing in your latest phone or laptop, what was your experience in the last flight you took, etc. Try to be as transparent as you can. This way people will trust you more and would belive and resonate with your tweets on various views.


Meet people and Build Relationships

I hardly have 6-8 friends whom I remain in touch every day and four of them are from twitter. How? Because before networking, I always believed in building real relationships. Gone are the days when it was difficult to trust people online, don’t be so full of fear all the time. DM new people, meet them over coffee. There are high chances you might strike a chord with them, maybe on a political view or on a skill-set and it could give you a chance to build a new long term relationship.

Another benefit of meeting people over twitter is that it will create a sense of trust among your new followers, it will increase your ‘authenticity’ points in their subconscious mind. Always remember, Trust is the key to everything. If someone is able to trust you, they will always take your side first before any random troll.


Take everything lightly

Twitter, is an open platform where your tweet is visible to every user, and the chances of rude replies, personal hate comments and negative trolling are very high. Now there are two options left, either you start blaming each and every troll on twitter and quit this platform or you start taking everything lightly by ignoring the bullshit part and subtly blocking anyone who is troubling you a lot. Consistent use of such social media platforms can take a toll on your mental health, I have seen cases where people went into a deep depression because someone with 7 follower count commented something bad about the person’s kid. The only way to avoid such bad mental health situation is to focus on what you are here for on twitter and what value you are providing to your audience.


Be Witty

Once you start taking everything lightly, you will automatically start finding humour in little things. Have fun, quote replies troll and end them with your humour. You can always visit the timeline of @ishitayadav and see how subtly she takes cases of abusive trolls.



Why Twiter?

Bro, Twitter is nothing in front of Facebook and Instagram, you should stop focusing on twitter”

“Twitter is very complicated”

“I don’t understand why you are on twitter 24/7, don’t you have a life?

These were the common questions people used to ask me and till this time, when twitter is very evident everywhere, they ask the same questions.

Be it any meme, or flash news, it breaks on Twitter first before any other platform. On the App Store, Twitter is categorised under the “News” section for a reason. This platform is instant, fast and it makes you write your life happenings under 280 characters which allow others to absorb more knowledge in less “written words”. Tweets are easy to read, one can absorb them within seconds and share instantly in the form of Retweet.

For personal branding, whatever your niche is, you can find people who are of similar interest very easily. You can tag and give your views to any celebrity or leaders of the country. You can argue, debate and team up on various topics, right on the timeline. Unlike Facebook, on Twitter, your post is public and visible to everyone to comment on, which gives you a liberty to ask for reviews on products, movies, etc.


If you are not on twitter and want to come, I am there to help you with handle name @chiragbarjatyaa , I have been on twitter for quite a long time now and will help you to grow as well. The only condition is – come with some value to provide. If you are good at nothing, like absolutely nothing, then also I will help you. But do come on twitter, it is a wonderful platform.


I will soon write the next article on how to make money through twitter. Stay Tuned.

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