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Guest: Annavi Khot – Vegan athlete, fitness and pilates coach, pet psychologist (2 Years) and nutritionist.

  • Reiki healing for pets

– Reiki is healing through energy.

-Pet psychology is about understanding pet behaviour and reiki healing is about relieving any pain or pain from injury that the animal has, it could be due to a physical factor or an emotional factor.

-Reiki healing works via sending positive energies to the animal.


-Annavi has always loved animals and she had a pet all her life, one of her friend introduced her to reiki healing and she had the opportunity to heal herself and when she saw it work she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself, that’s when she got into it.

-Pet psychology became a part of that process, it helped in understanding behaviour of cats and dogs, and why they behaved in a certain way, why they show aggression etc, it helped her understand animals better.

  • Can animals get into depression?

-Animals have emotions like humans, they feel pain, they suffer, they have anxiety, they’ve depression, they throw tantrums.

-Pet psychology is about understanding the behaviour of the pet, about why the pet is acting the way it’s acting or has anxiety or depression.

-Once you know what’s wrong, you can take appropriate measures to correct things.

  • About being vegan.

-Annavi has been a vegan since 4 years now and it was because of ethical reasons.

-About animals, they shouldn’t be forced on a vegan diet, because they didn’t adapt to it yet, they are carnivores and should be fed fish, meat, eggs etc.

  • Books mentioned.
  1. Inside of a dog by Alexandra Horowitz

2. The Genius of dog by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

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