Podcast Notes: 4 – Steroid Mayhem In Youth

Guest: Nachiketh Shetty, who is a nutrition coach, fitness consultant and has transformed over 700 people still the moment.


Listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/chirag-barjatya/episodes/Steroid-Mayhem-in-Youth-e59j7a


People going to local gyms, fitness trainers and other people taking ‘drugs’ for bodybuilding and muscle mass gain. This is a podcast discussing the same.


How are these drugs taken? Who monitors their intake?

  • These drugs are actually steroids which are taken by injections.
  • They are freely available in markets
  • A ‘cycle’ of drugs is prepared for each person, which is kind of a recipe of diet for that person.
  • One drug will induce many side effects, hence the person is moderately given other drugs to suppress the action of the first main drug.
  • The ‘cycle’ is prepared by the trainer, itself who is indulged in training people.


What are the top steroids used in gyms?

  • Testosterone is the main drug used.
  • Enanthate – testosterone derivative
  • Oxandrolone sold under the brand name Anavar and oxandrin, for weight gain and lean muscle mass.
  • Stanazolol
  • Trenbolone sold under names finajet and finaplix.
  • Clenbuterol
  • Thyronorm
  • Dianabol

These are drugs commonly available in the market for muscle mass gain, weight loss etc.

In a case for the survey, groups of people were made, and they were kept under different situations for 8-10 weeks to observe muscle and body growth.




What are the beneficiary effects of these drugs?

  • Muscle gains are insane and quicker.
  • Easy body growth and development
  • Libido increases
  • No natural diet has to be taken care of
  • Minimum workout at gym will also help grow muscles

What are the side effects of these drugs?

  • Testicular atrophy- testis will shrink and reduce in size
  • Sex drive is lower it’s levels
  • Acne formation will increase
  • Aggressive nature will develop
  • Liver and kidney diseases can develop


Who should use steroids for muscle gain?

  • Actors/actresses who have a deadline for playing a specific role for which they are paid enough amount of money.
  • Fire victims can use drugs for muscle mass building because it is a better option than amputating a body part.
  • Models who aspire to have a fast and appropriate figure.
  • People who want quick results.
  • People who can financially afford detoxification after taking drugs.


Who should NOT use drugs for muscle gain?

  • Natural way to weight gain/loss or muscle gain is the best way.
  • People doing gym for their health should never use drugs.
  • Never use drugs for looking good and better.


Overall advice:

  • Make sure what you are doing and for what reasons.
  • Natural gain/loss is the best both according to health and ethics.
  • Don’t push others to do/use drugs.
  • Don’t make fun or bully people who don’t use drugs.
  • There should be a very genuine reason for using drugs.
  • Kidney and liver diseases will always follow if one is using drugs for a long time.




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