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Guest: Janki Rana, dietician, certified sports nutritionist. An anti-starvation coach with 8+ years of experience.

  • Agenda of podcast

-Janki believes in not starving her clients.

-Not abstaining from any food item.

-People take dieting in a totally different sense, the word “Dieting” scares them that they have to starve in order to lose weight and fat.

-Janki believes that if people starve themselves they’ll lose their immunity in the process.

-For a positive mental state, you have to eat. You’ve to balance your food, you’ve to balance your macro-nutrients when you’re on a diet and not starve.

  • Diet during diwali

-Diet is always goal oriented.

-If someone has a deadline, maintain your diet; if you’re just doing it to be healthy, just maintain it during diwali, do not totally cut off, one should be happy with the diet they are following. Here are some more tips for any festival:

  1. Drink water – our body doesn’t differentiate between thirst or hunger, sometimes we’re thirsty and we confuse it with hunger and we binge on snacks and regret it later, so stay hydrated, drink at least 3 litres of water, if you can go beyond that, even better.
  2. Protein intake – Usually the sweets, the fried food, it’s mostly fats and carbs due to this we miss out on protein, make sure that your protein intake is sufficed during the day so that if you go out for dinner with your family and friends to celebrate, make sure you complete your protein intake by eating paneer, having whey protein etc. Protein is a macronutrient which gives your stomach a feeling of fullness. (~1.2g per kg of your bodyweight, when you’re not strength training)
  3. Workout – Most gyms will be closed during diwali and other festivals, for around a week, so whenever you get time, do some walks or you can workout at your home and get to the gym as soon as the festival comes to an end, because even if you gained slight weight during the festival, you’ll feel lethargic and will be less likely to go to gym.
  4. Cooking – If possible, try to cook all sweets and friend foods at home so that you’ll be aware of the quality and quantity of ingredients used. Add whey protein to the items you can add it to, it’ll also help you fulfil your daily requirement of protein.
  • How to deal with relatives and family who force feed you

-Whenever you’re certain that there’s going to be force-feeding at some relative’s place or at your home, save up some calories in advance, you can also follow intermittent fasting. That way you will balance the calories, enjoy your meals without breaking someone’s heart or bones.

-Do not plan your weekly calories, do not eat less (500-700 calories less than your TDEE) a week ago to make up for it during the festival. You don’t have to torture your body during the festival, do not go on a hyper caloric diet.

-If you can’t manage the aforementioned things, then just enjoy it. Know that you can always manage and do better next time.

-You can increase your daily activity, without torturing yourself. Choose the healthier path, do not be obsessed with the weighing scale.

  • Choosing between sweets.

-If you’ve to make a decision amongst 2-3 sweet items, choose the one that you like the most, because again, it’s about being happy and content with that you’re having, the calories won’t differ much amongst sweets.

-Never restrict yourself too much, if you like something have it, reduce the quantity and have it.

  • Are sugar free sweets any good?

-They are but again, the fillers and everything differs, you can count your calories, it’s important when you want to lose/gain weight so if you’re cooking them by yourself then sugar free option is better than the market because you never know what they are using or are they even using sugar free or not.

-You can either do the portion control or you can go with the sugar free ones that depends on your choice.

  • Discipline, not obsession.

-Bingeing happens when you’re restricting yourself a lot, that’s one of the reason why diet fails.

-There should be discipline, extreme rigidity can spoil it for you.

-Always be satisfied with what you eat, that’s how diet works.

-Don’t avoid anything, keep everything in moderation.

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