How to wake up early (only if you want to)

I was so waiting to write this blog, but I didn’t without experimenting the tips on myself first. It has been more than 60 days, I am waking up around 5:30-6 am every day. I feel good overall because I have more time throughout the day to work on different projects, workout, play sports and divide my meals around the clock. Anyway, let me come directly to the tips. These tips might or might not help you, I am here not suggesting any medicine or supplement or something similar to doze off on time, I am just giving some tips which you can try.

  1. Find a purpose to wake up early: You will be able to wake up early only if you have a purpose. My reason for waking up early was to synchronise my sleeping schedule with my cat (he wakes up daily at 5:30 for food). If you don’t have the purpose of waking up early, it will be difficult. Also, the aim should be according to what you like; otherwise you will feel same like those school days when it was difficult to wake up early even after good 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If you like working out, you can make a schedule of early morning, if you like writing, blogging or studying your favourite subject, you can wake up early. You need a reason behind everything you do. A man won’t even take a step if there is no reason behind it.
  2. Sleep early and keep the phone away: Do I even need to write this point? No. Because this is very obvious, but writing it down to remind you that we, human beings, are going through a significant sleep epidemic. I know, to wake up at 6am you will be in bed by 10pm. But I also know that till 11pm you will be using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites without any purpose. Next day it will be difficult for you to wake up and you will think that this won’t work for you, but the truth is you slept around 1-1:30 hour less because of your mindless social media scrolling. Keeping the phone away is really difficult, but the trick is to switch off wifi and cellular data before you sleep. This makes you think (subconsciously) that now there is no more need to check the phone and you sleep in peace.
  3. Keep the room dark and cold: Many studies suggest that sleeping in the darkroom and keeping it cold helps you to achieve deep sleep very quickly. I mean this is very commonsensical stuff but reminding you again to use a dark curtain to avoid that street light, switch off those stupid fairy lights and sleep in the dark.
  4. Use apps to track your sleep: There are many apps in your google/app store which track sleep even without using a smartwatch or something similar. Use these apps. Keep a target to achieve at least 7 hours daily. Using such apps gives develops a self competitive spirit in which you are competing with yourself and weekly/monthly reports really help you to understand your own behaviour.
  5. Use Meditation based apps: I still use headspace daily before sleep to shut my continually running mind. You can download the meditation offline to use it without internet (to avoid notifications). Our brains are always running, and especially before sleep, we get a weird kind of anxiety which makes it really difficult to sleep. Sometimes we are stressed about what is going to happen the next day, sometimes about what happened the same day, and this is precisely where such guided meditation apps help. I used headspace because it is just 150 bucks a month. (this is not an ad, or I am not being paid for promoting, I just love the app)
  6. Use sleep music: You don’t want to use meditation apps, that’s fine. There are tons of sleep music available for free on Youtube, use any. This may sound weird, very weird, but I sometimes play Airpot ambient sound to get into a deep sleep. For some people, car noise or train sound or rain sound can help. Try it.

That’s about it. In 30-35 days you will be used to it. You won’t be needing an alarm as well to wake up. Our body doesn’t take much longer to change something.

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