The Only Personality Hack!

As my reach and followers are increasing, mostly youth of 16-26 age, they ask me various kind of doubts, and to be honest I am not an expert to solve each and every doubt with precision and with ‘close-end’ answer. But I do my own research and I observe people, questions others, talk to my seniors and friends who are in a completely different field, run polls on various social media platform so that I can answer something to that person who came to me to ask an intriguing question.

Just like that, two people came to me asking two simple questions “What is the biggest personality hack you would suggest to people who want to feel confident in public?” and “Can you suggest me something so that people can start ‘wanting’ me instead of ignoring me?”

I was about to answer – a good physique (but that shit takes time), then I thought about – good skin or good hairstyle? (again this is not a quick fix), I thought about good dressing sense as well but I myself was not satisfied with my answer. I gave it more thought, and with my own personal experience, the answer was: Smell good = Only personality hack which assures sudden success in likeability among the group of people and hence good confidence.

Remember the instance when you met someone who was smelling bad so much that instead of listening to what he/she was saying you just waited for that person to go away? Or, do you remember the instance when you were in a lift and someone with a very bad body odour entered in and you had to hold the breath for next 40-50 seconds? Or do you remember the instance when you were working out at the gym and someone’s body odour, doing shoulder press next to you, almost gave you a severe headache? I think we all remember such instances.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.01.58 PM.png

Now before you smell your own underarms after reading this article, let me tell you something – You yourself won’t be able to detect your own ‘bad smell’, even if you do, that is just 2-5% of what how bad you are actually smelling. The safest way to detect your bad smell is not to avoid anything which makes you smell bad at first place.

  • Take a bath daily. People really don’t care if you didn’t take a bath because of winters or because you wanted to conserve water. Just take a bath daily.
  • Use roll-ons. Like never step outside without applying a roll-on. There are many studies which proved them to be safe. Also, there is nothing in this world which doesn’t cause cancer. Chill, and apply roll-on. Don’t ask me a brand suggestion, go to any medical/general store and check yourself.
  • I know you cannot afford a good perfume, even today I feel mental blockage before investing in a good perfume, but you can always afford a good deodorant which costs around 200-250 INR. Again, Don’t ask me a brand suggestion, go to any medical/general store and check yourself.
  • Stop smoking tobacco and weed. It makes you smell bad.
  • Dry your clothes properly and use fabric softener/perfume for good smelling clothes especially if you live in a humid area.
  • There are certain foods as well which might make you smell bad. Google about it.
  • Also, don’t overdo with fragrances, otherwise it will give a headache to others.

Reminding you again, never assume that you are smelling good without applying deodorant or taking a bath. People will avoid you.


Let me know if there is any doubt or confusion in this. Also, comment with what all remedies you use to smell good.





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